5 Best Nightclubs in San Antonio🥇

5 Best Nightclubs in San Antonio
DJ Hyping the Crowd. Source: Unsplash

Below is a list of the top and leading Nightclubs in San Antonio. To help you find the best Nightclubs located near you in San Antonio, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Antonio’s Best Nightclubs:

The top rated Nightclubs in San Antonio are:

  • The Industry
  • Bonham Exchange
  • Garden Bistro Bar
  • Havana Ultra Lounge
  • Cowboys Dancehall

The Industry

The Industry
The Industry. Source: Screenshot from www.industry210.com

The Industry opens during Thursdays at exactly 10 pm letting in enthusiastic club-goers ready to relive their stresses with a night of heavy partying and dancing. To be allowed entry, a casual to a formal dress code is implemented with a firm refusal of those wearing caps, hats, jeans, sneakers, tattoos, and shorts. Every Thursday night of tribute shows welcomes guests, Friday is for the hits of the past years, and Saturday is a combination of old jams that still captivates the San Antonio crowd.


Reservations, Open on Thursday 10 pm, Friday 9 pm, & Saturday 9 pm


Address: 8021 Pinebrook Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone: (210) 374-2765
Website: www.industry210.com


“I go there to relax and enjoy the music. The crowd is more of an older generation which is awesome. Drinks and bartenders are awesome. I’ll be going again tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. This outta b fun!” -Dollie Sloss

Bonham Exchange


Bonham Exchange has been existing for more than 120 years now and is a historical landmine with all the era that it bears witness to. It was opened to the public in July 1981 as a club catering to the San Antonian love for dancing. Nowadays it is considered one of the dance hot spots in downtown San Antonio. They have been the venue for countless entertaining acts in the pasts years. Some of the famous celebrities and musicians are The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Tina Turner, The Bangles, and The Thompson Twins. The nightclub respects all guests regardless of their ethnicity, sex, and age.


VIP, Events, Bar, Dance Floor


Address: 411 Bonham, San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 224-9219
Website: www.bonhamexchange.com


“My FAVORITE club. Music I can actually dance to & live it up with my best friend, as often as I need and want! 😍” -Amírah D’Ann

Garden Bistro Bar


Garden Bistro Bar dedicates their Fridays to an intense and intimate dancing only experienced through the art of Latin dance. With the fast tune, and intricate execution of moves guests are guaranteed to sweat out all their frustrations and stress. To be granted access in the nightclub one must choose from the bottle services options detailed on their website page. A table reservation has complimentary mixes, and a dedicated cocktail staff serving them. Other types of reservations include the services of the bouncer for the patron’s peace of mind.


Reservations, Events, Chill Thursday, Bamboleo Latin Nights, Ladies Nights


Address: 18360 Blanco Rd #100, San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone: (210) 709-7592
Website: www.gardenbistrobar.com


“This place had good music, drinks, the lighting was good as well as the wait staff, and laser show.” -Lisandro Torres

Havana Ultra Lounge

Havana Ultra Lounge
Havana Ultra Lounge. Source: Screenshot from www.havanaultralounge.com

Havana Ultra Lounge’s business hours start on Monday at 8:30 pm until Saturday with the same timings. The metropolitan area is lucky to have experienced excellent customer service at Havana Ultra Lounge. Their VIP bottle service has always been highly envied by other clubs owing to its well-trained staff and perfectly crafted cocktails. Casual dress code is required for all guests of the club with mostly availing the happy hour happening every Tuesday to Thursday. For two hours they can enjoy overflowing drinks and upbeat music that can surely relieve and relax their work muscles.


Bottle Service, Private Events, Virtual Tour, Happy Hour


Address: 212 College St, San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 220-1973
Website: www.havanaultralounge.com


“Nice and chill early on to get you into the vibe. Picks up later to start the party. The bartender was great and Mary gave us incredible service. Will definitely be returning!” -Zachary Warren

Cowboys Dancehall

Cowboys Dancehall
Cowboys Dancehall. Source: Screenshot from www.cowboysdancehall.com

Cowboys Dancehall features a large 70,000 square-foot entertainment venue that can accommodate a group of 50 to 4,000. They have a rodeo arena, dance floors, 7 huge screens, and a couple of plasma televisions sets. The San Antonio based nightclub offers two distinct levels of entertainment with its two-story location. On the ground floor, the main stage features a cowboy storefront as its background fronting the Texas-sized dance floor area. The whole area promises stress relief and enjoyment with its mechanical bull, mezzanine area suited for watching the whole club, and three bar areas fulfilling the thirst of club-goers.


Reservations, Dance Lessons, Events, Bull Riding


Address: 3030 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: (210) 646-9378
Website: www.cowboysdancehall.com


“This place is the really HUGE building for country dancing ever I have seen! Fun meet new faces and a few people know sign language basically!!! Dance makes you bust into a smile
I feel the music, the beat flows into my heart. And then through my blood, causing me to move though I don’t really hear that much.” -Bridgette Nielson