New Jersey Branch of USPA Fire Watch Service Officially Opening

New Jersey Branch of USPA Fire Watch Service Officially Opening

The USPA fire watch service is a renowned service across the globe. The company continues to provide expert service to the areas that they serve, which now includes 16 countries and thousands of clienteles.  The brand new office is set to open in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey and will serve the entire state of New Jersey with Licensed Firewatch.

It has been a rigorous process as USPA took the steps to expand its reach to New Jersey. The opening of this new location took months of careful preparation and planning to ensure that it was done safely and in a way that would best benefit the community it serves. Staff were chosen for their skills and accreditations, ensuring that only the most qualified professionals were hired. With an army of guards standing by, ready to answer any emergency calls, the location is finally ready to launch.

USPA has a nationwide fire watch branch, at the new location in New Jersey will be attached to this. They will operate under New Jersey State Police license number 1883 and are already fully licensed and insured.

President of the security branch of the NJ USPA office Sondae Esposito has detailed this process and highlighted just how careful they wanted to be with their selections. The process took approximately six months in total. Staff were hired, trained, and certified to ensure that they are fully prepared to handle the duties required of a professional fire watch service. With this process now complete, the branch can finally say that they are ready to operate. On top of these staff members, the branch will also be staged with executive protection agents, security officers and armed guards.

USPA is known for its philanthropic work and frequently donates to people in need. According to Yahoo Finance, the main office donated approximately 50% of their profits during the height of the pandemic. This money went towards rescuing women and children from kidnapping and human trafficking. As a Kingsman affiliate, these operations can take place in all 50 states. The New Jersey branch is also a Kingsman affiliate and will continue this legacy locally and nationwide.

New Jersey Branch Info:

Address: 429 Sylvan Ave, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Phone: (800) 214-1448