5 Best Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN

5 Best Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN

Below is a list of the top and leading Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN. To help you find the best Naturopathy located near you in Indianapolis, IN, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis, IN’s Best Naturopathy:

The top-rated Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN are:

  • Katelin Parkinson, ND – a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Women’s Health & Wellness Consultant.
  • Indy Natural Health Center – your Indianapolis area natural healthcare provider.
  • Bandawal Healing Center – naturopathy, energy healing, and nutrition consultation.
  • Natural Rejuvenation – Indianapolis’ leading colon hydrotherapy center.
  • Holistic Medical and Wellness Center – quality and affordable holistic healthcare in Indy.

Katelin Parkinson, ND

5 Best Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN

Katelin Parkinson, ND is managed by licensed naturopathic doctor Katelin Parkinson who specializes in health and wellness. Dr. Parkinson also specializes in women’s health and has had extensive experience in the field. Dr. Katelin Parkinson practices naturopathic and holistic medicine by using evidence-based methods that fuse traditional and natural medicine. This provides her a better chance of offering a healthier process to patients whether it’s preventive or integrative care. She uses a wide range of methods that she infuses in her treatments like integrating vitamins, supplements, and herbal medicine to her protocols. If you want a more natural route when it comes to health and wellness, Dr. Katelin Parkinson is one of your best bets in Indy.

Women’s health, stress and mood management, thyroid disorders, skin disorders, digestive disorders, sleep support, nutrition

Address: 6155 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 969-5524
Website: katelinparkinsonnd.com

She taught me how to use the Justisse method for natural birth control. She is patient, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. Katelin was able to work around my schedule, and by using Zoom we were able to work together despite the fact that her office is in Indiana and I am in Illinois. – Ashley Burgess

Indy Natural Health Center

The Best Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN

Indy Natural Health Center offers naturopathic and holistic healthcare to Indianapolis residents. This naturopathic center aims to help individuals and families not only get better but get to the root cause of any health concern. Indy Natural Health Center not only treats your health condition but educates you on all the information needed to not just get back to good health but on how to stay healthy. Their services include but are not limited to women’s health, maternal health, children’s health, special needs, adrenal concerns, supplementation, and a lot more. They offer scheduled appointments for people in both Indianapolis and Zionsville and surrounding communities.

Women’s health, children’s health, maternal health, special needs, natural weight reduction, family consultations, homeopathy, supplementation

Address: 7780 Michigan Rd Suite F Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: (815) 347-0970
Website: beckycash.com

Dr. Cash has helped my family so many times overcome viruses, sinus infections and other chronic conditions FAST with the use of homeopathic remedies. She’s extremely skilled in finding the right remedy the first time. We truly couldn’t live without her!! – Brianna Earles

Bandawal Healing Center

Best Naturopathy in Indianapolis, IN

Bandawal Healing Center is led by Haroon Bandawal, a naturopath and expert on holistic healthcare. As a student of naturopathy, Mr. Bandawal has been obsessed with searching for ways to maximize human health. He is also a nutrition consultant, a mind and body educator, and an energy healer. Through the Bandawal Healing center, he strives to help people get back to good health and remain healthy all their lives. Services the center provides are naturopathy, holistic wellness, nutrition consultations, weight loss, stress relief, and more. If you are looking for a competent and reliable holistic practitioner, schedule a consultation with Mr. Bandawal and let him lead the way to a better future.

Naturopathy, holistic wellness, nutrition consultations, energy healing, functional lab testing, weight loss, stress relief

Address: Indianapolis, IN 46260
Website: haroonbandawal.com

Top-notch doctor! I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Bandawal! Thank you for all of your expertise and insight into health and wellness. – x Mac Gearheart

Natural Rejuvenation

Indianapolis, IN Best Naturopathy

Natural Rejuvenation is Indy’s top colon hydropathy and naturopathic center. This naturopathic clinic is known to provide natural and safe healthcare that can help you maximize your health. Natural Rejuvenation has been known to successfully help people get back to their optimal health through natural and holistic methods. Services they provide include but are not limited to colon hydrotherapy, sound and light therapy, ionic foot detoxification, biocommunication, and more. Searching for a holistic center that will help you get better in a holistic way? Natural Rejuvenation is an ideal place to start your journey back to a better lifestyle.

Colon hydrotherapy, ionic detox foot bath and chi machine, herbal and homeopathic treatments, sound/light therapy, lymph drainage

Address: 5044 East 10th Street Indianapolis, IN 46201
Phone: (317) 243-3550
Website: naturalrejuvenation.com

Miss Terri does wonders here and is a true blessing to the Indy community. She is a source and wealth of knowledge! Go see her today! – Jonathan Lee

Holistic Medical and Wellness Center

Indianapolis, IN's Best Naturopathy

Holistic Medical and Wellness Center is a traditional and alternative naturopathic clinic that offers high-quality but affordable healthcare. This naturopathic center provides extensive screening, testing, and diagnosis to help patients get to the bottom of their health concerns, Holistic Medical and Wellness Center is known to offer a reliable and natural means to help patients recover from health issues and get back into good shape. For providing high-quality services, this health and wellness center is more affordable compared to others, which makes it an attractive option for people wanting a more holistic approach to health and wellness in Indianapolis.

IV therapy, chronic diseases, and conditions, hormone imbalances, heavy metals, Lyme disease, diet, and nutrition

Address: 8424 Naab Road Suite 3P, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Phone: (317) 608-6090
Website: holisticwellnessindiana.com

I have been seeing Randee Milker for the past 6 months and someone is finally understanding my health care needs!! She is extremely thorough and spends time working with you to find solutions for your health problems. I would highly recommend it. – Ann Price