5 Best Naturopathy in Dallas 🥇

5 Best Naturopathy in Dallas

Below is a list of the top and leading Naturopathy in Dallas. To help you find the best Naturopathy located near you in Dallas, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Dallas’s Best Naturopathy:

The top-rated Naturopathy in Dallas are:

  • Dallas Naturopathy – naturopathic, natural, and holistic healing in Texas.
  • Dr. Kate Naumes – blending the best of modern medical science and traditional natural approaches.
  • Holistic Health Center of Dallas – bringing quality naturopathic healthcare to the greater Dallas area.
  • K6 Wellness Center – natural health services & therapies in Texas.
  • North Texas Wellness Center – your source for holistic, individualized health care.

Dallas Naturopathy

5 Best Naturopathy in Dallas

Dallas Naturopathy specializes in alternative medicine, holistic health and wellness, and natural healing. The clinic is located in Plano Texas and offers its services to the Dallas Metro area, McKinney, Richardson, Addison, and Plano. Booking an appointment with Dallas Naturopathy, you will work with Dr. Sharon Rabb who will help you with the consultation. You will discuss your genetic history and dietetic history which are needed for Dr. Rabb to create a unique, individualized program for you to help better your health and lifestyle. If you are looking to spruce up your life and ramp up your healthcare the natural way, book an appointment with Dallas Naturopathy now.

Naturopathy, holistic, natural healing, consultation, individual program

Address: 2800 Regal Rd. #109, Plano, TX 75075
Phone: (214) 724-3505
Website: dallasnaturopathy.com

Upon my first visit, I felt like I was at home. Dr. Raab knows the human body. I’ve been sick so long that what she said made plenty of sense. Dr. Raab is easy to talk to and will find the best solutions to aid your body in healing! – Cindy Moten

Dr. Kate Naumes

The Best Naturopathy in Dallas

Dr. Kate Naumes offers naturopathic women’s health and wellness programs. These programs help deal with menstrual and hormone cycle health issues from PCOS, pre-conception, infertility, endometriosis, and more. The specialists at Holistic Wellness, led by Dr. Kate Naumes excel with these health problems, as well as auto-immune diseases, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, and more. Dr. Kate Naumes and her team at Holistic Wellness’ mission is to provide help to women so that they can achieve optimal health.

Naturopathic women’s wellness, hormone and menstrual cycle health, endometriosis, and PCOS, pre-conception, and fertility

Address: 5706 E. Mockingbird Lane Suite 115-501 Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: (415) 754-8305
Website: naumesnd.com

I went to visit Dr. Naumes shortly after I found out I was pregnant. Prior to visiting with her, I saw another ND that left a horrible taste in my mouth. Kate was everything I expected and more: personable, knowledgeable, honest, and ethical. I am very much looking forward to my follow-up visits with her! – Nic C.

Holistic Health Center of Dallas

Best Naturopathy in Dallas

Holistic Health Center of Dallas helps patients reach a healthier version of themselves who is powerful, radiant, and active. The specialists at HHCD evaluates each patient so that they can have a better understanding of the underlying cause of their health problems. Their mission is to help people recover and heal from the core and not just put a band-aid on the symptoms like most doctors and health professionals do. With this, you will not only achieve full recovery and relief but will have a blueprint to a balanced and healthy lifestyle that you can follow for good.

Herbal medicine, classical homeopathy, nutritional counseling

Address: 1701 W Eldorado Pkwy Conference Room, McKinney, TX 75069
Phone: (214) 702-8850
Website: hhcdallas.com

I love that I can chat with Dr. Meag on Zoom. It makes it super convenient and easy. She makes your appointment feel personal even though it is virtual. Don’t hesitate to make your appointment online with her. She’s fantastic at what she does and will not stop until she has a solution for your needs! – Kyra Williams

K6 Wellness Center

Dallas Best Naturopathy

K6 Wellness Center is known to have helped thousands of patients achieve optimal health. For over fifteen years, K6 Wellness has provided its holistic health services and programs to not only treat but teach patients the importance of health, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Their whole-body thermography provides a clear insight into a patient’s health issues even before symptoms of an illness manifest. K6 also has an amazing team of health professionals who are well-versed with the holistic side of medicine which provides a more natural way of treating ailments outside the conventional medicine practice.

Naturopathic care, whole-body thermography, lymphatic therapy, rife therapy, infrared sauna

Address: Hillcrest Rd, Suite C122, Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: (214) 352-7546
Website: k6wellness.com

So helpful. They look at your entire body and come up with a healing plan based on all of your symptoms rather than a few. Answered all my questions and then some. If traditional medicine is not getting you better, this is your place. – Luke McGrath

North Texas Wellness Center

Dallas's Best Naturopathy

North Texas Wellness Center is led by traditional naturopath David Van Meter who has a degree in Applied Arts and Sciences. Mr. Van Meter received his Master’s degree in Herbology and is a certified natural health professional. He is also the president of the North Texas Wellness Center after working there since 1996. Along with his team of experienced and professional naturopaths, Mr. Van Meter has helped countless people achieve a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle and avoid illnesses. Along with their services like ozone therapy, lymphatic drainage, thermology, and more, NTWC also offers health products that can help you achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thermography, ozone therapies, L.I.F.E. biofeedback, lymphatic drainage, interactive metronome, infrared sauna

Address: 3105 W. 15th Street Ste C Plano, TX 75075
Phone: (972) 964-0800
Website: northtexaswellness.com

This place is amazing!! The products really work! It is impressive that in only two days, many of the symptoms that I was experiencing disappeared!! It is really miraculous!! This is an investment !!! you will not regret it! Every penny you spend is worth it!!! It’s a blessing from the Lord to have a place like this. – Jami Jam