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5 Best Mortgage Brokers in Austin 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Best Mortgage Brokers in Austin. To help you find the best Mortgage Brokers located near you in Austin, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Austin’s Best Mortgage Brokers:

The top rated Mortgage Brokers in Austin are:

  • Austin Capital Mortgage – a full-service residential mortgage banking firm serving 4 areas
  • Max Leaman Austin Mortgage – helps clients with their refinancing and purchasing needs
  • Joel Richardson- offers the best solutions for home loan needs
  • Highlander Mortgage – features loans with the lowest mortgage rates
  • JB Mortgage Group – offers careful assessment and comprehensive solutions for financing needs

Austin Capital Mortgage 

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Austin Capital Mortgage is a full-service residential mortgage banking firm serving 4 areas. This includes San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin. They have a high customer satisfaction rating over the past few years. Furtehmore, they have competitive rates for the services they offer. They focus on conventional and government loans. This avoids instability and turmoil that may affect private companies. Moreover, they offer capital mortgage loan options including fixed-rate and home loans. Their home loans depend on the needs and lifestyle of the clients.


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Address: 3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy J-230, Austin, TX 78746
Phone:  (512)-891-0778
Website: austincapitalmortgage.com


“Rachel is fantastic to work with. Always attentive to all email and phone calls – you can always count on a quick response. She goes above-and-beyond to do everything she can to ensure you are taken care of and guided through the process. Highly recommend Rachel & Austin Capital for any mortgage or refinancing needs.” – Matthew Petterman

Max Leaman Austin Mortgage

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Max Leaman Austin Mortgage helps clients with their refinancing and purchasing needs. They prioritize low fees in their services and offer competitive rates. Their processes are comprehensive and easy to follow. Furtehmore, they collaborate with clients for every home loan. They ensure that they are always available to cater to customer queries and issues. The staff works together with the clients to tailor their services. They also help clients obtain insurance for their residential properties. They are certified and licensed by various top organizations in the industry.


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Address: 3420 Executive Center Dr #G100, Austin, TX 78731
Phone: (512)-765-4300
Website: maxleaman.com


“We received professional and helpful service on our first home purchase. Every question we had was answered in a timely manner. Max was easy to talk to and made sure we understood everything that was presented to us. We were very pleased with the interest rate we received. We will absolutely use Max again in the future.” – Michelle Sosa

Joel Richardson 

5 Best Mortgage Brokers in Austin

Joel Richardson offers the best solutions for home loan needs. He delivers low rates and allows clients to close the deal quickly. His service has been great over the past 20 years. He leads in custom construction projects and renovation mortgage lending. Furtehmore, he helps and facilitates in purchasing and refinancing of residential and investment properties. He specialized in owelty and home equity loans. His services are available across many locations in the area. Some loans offered are home loans, condo loans, and renovation loans.


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Address:  8310 N Capital of Texas Hwy #195, Austin, TX 78731
Phone: (512)-637-0932
Website: myfinanceteam.com


“Joel Richardson helped me with a purchase money loan and did a great job! He and his team were very responsive throughout the process and the closing went smoothly. Joel always answered my questions promptly. I would definitely recommend Joel and Prime Lending. During a very hectic time, he was a reassuring ally.” – Kelly Rodgers

Highlander Mortgage

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Highlander Mortgage features loans with the lowest mortgage rates. The practice was established in 2008 and has continued serving the community with quality. Furtehmore, some loans they offer are conventional loans, jumbo loans, and home equity loans. There are also loans for primary residence and purchase money for second liens. The staffs are very welcoming and listen to their clients. They also offer the best services fit for their needs. Moreover, they create long-lasting relationships with companies and individuals. Mortgage professionals directly speak with clients on-site or through phone calls.


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Address: 9009 Mountain Ridge Dr #210, Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512)-501-3624
Website:  highlandermortgage.com


“Ashby was great to work with. He made the process of refinancing extremely easy. He was very responsive and everything went smoothly. I will definitely use Highlander Mortgage again for any home loan needs.” – Tapan Patel

JB Mortgage Group

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JB Mortgage Group offers careful assessment and comprehensive solutions for financing needs. The practice specializes in residential mortgage lending. They use the latest technology for their operations. The staff constantly communicates with clients for follow-ups. The team composes of experienced brokers and negotiators. Moreover, they offer numerous loan options. This includes fixed-rate mortgage, VA home loan, and jumbo home loan. They also have low down payment purchase options and refinancing. In addition, their investment mortgage loan programs cover a 15-year and 30-year program. They have specialists that educate and guide customers through the whole process.


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Address: 8834 N Capital of Texas Hwy Suite 150, Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512)-549-2180
Website: jbmortgagegroup.com


“Bought my first international with Greg Thompson. He was really friendly, Professional and he took really good care of us, he answered all kind of questions we had abput the truck! 100% recommendable” – Jorge Benavidez