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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Bartending Service Party Shakers

Founded in 2017, Party Shakers is quickly becoming the most talked about mobile bartending service in LA. Their unmatched knowledge of mixology and their ability to create fun and delicious drinks with a smile has been providing LA residents with unforgettable party experiences. With the business only growing, here’s everything you need to know about LA’s favourite bartending service.

Each Bartender is Qualified and Experienced

The most important thing to be sure of when hiring a bartending service is that the bartenders are expert in their fields. With Party Shakers you can be assured that each bartender is both qualified to serve and has plenty of valuable experience in both creating delicious drinks and engaging with your guests. At any event, having a bartender who is friendly and able to create flavorful drinks is essential and Party Shakers are renowned for delivering this.

A Stylish Pop-Up Bar is Provided

A great feature of Party Shakers’ services is the stylish bar that is provided. With a range of designs to choose from, they can provide a bar to match the theme of any event. Each bar includes a matching back shelf to give the impression of a professional bar and to display the liquor that is available. The bars are also equipped with LED lights to ensure that your event looks exciting and luxurious well into the night.

They Will Make Classic Cocktails or Experiment with Unique New IdeasA Party Shakers bartender pouring exciting drinks and cocktails.

The quality of the drinks is perhaps the most important aspect of hiring bartending services. Party Shakers’ bartenders are expert mixologists and have exemplary knowledge of not only the classic cocktails we all know and love, but new and exciting ones that are sure to become new favorites. With a range of signature cocktails available to try and the ability to create new ones with the liquor available, your guests will be blown away at the quality of the drinks they receive. Known for their unbeatable tasty cocktails, Party Shakers are the top of the range when it comes to experienced bar staff.

Available to Serve Parties of Any Size at Any Location

The staff at Party Shakers are well equipped to handle groups of any size. Whether your party is private or public, a small gathering or a massive event, the bartenders can quickly and efficiently serve each guest with a smile. Due to the mobile nature of the service, they are also able to bartend at any location.

A Photo Booth Can Be Provided

One of the most unique and exciting features of Party Shakers’ services is the photo booth that can be provided. With a range of props and backdrops available to spice up your shots, you’ll have memories from your event to keep forever. The booths are self-service and provide unlimited print outs for you and your guests. You can even personalize the template design. This is a fun element to add to your party and an opportunity that is too good to be missed.

They Offer Customized PackagesA group of women at a party holding drinks made for them by Party Shakers bartenders.

Party Shakers aim to cater to anyone and offer a range of packages to suit your unique needs. From full services providing liquor and drinks of any kind to more limited services providing only beer and wine, there is a perfect package to be found for your event. The friendly team will work with you to determine your needs and ensure that you are satisfied with the services they deliver.

The Prices Are Affordable

Many bartending services in LA are very pricey. Party Shakers, however, are known for their very reasonable pricing. They aim to ensure that their high-quality services are an affordable solution and one that you have the upmost satisfaction with. Contacting them to ask for a quote is easy and the team will happily work with you to find your perfect solution.

For a stress-free party process, mobile bartending services such as Party Shakers are a must-have. Being able to rely on their friendly and professional services will ensure that your event is enjoyable and one that will be unforgettable for both you and your guests. Their unique and unparalleled knowledge of drinks is part of what makes them so special and why they are one of the most sought after bartending services in Southern California.