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Missouri mom loses all 10 toes, a hand and several fingers in sepsis treatment

A Missouri mother has had 10 toes, a hand and several of her fingers amputated as part of a desperate effort by doctors to prevent a deadly sepsis infection from spreading to the rest of her body.

The 32-year-old woman, Rachael Acuff, first decided to go to hospital in June of 2018 when she noticed blood in her urine. While she was sedated for the surgery, she said that she could overhear hospital staff temper her family’s expectations of her survival, telling them to prepare their goodbyes.

She told local news journalists in a piece by MDW Features “Once I got to the hospital everything started happening really fast after they took my blood pressure which was so low it almost didn’t register,”.

“They moved me to a room right away and began running a list of tests. The last thing I remember was being told they were moving me upstairs and then I was sedated for three weeks. When I woke up my mom explained to me that I had septic shock, DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) and toxic shock syndrome from an unknown source.”

She began her amputations in August 2018 and has had to slowly adjust to the changes in her body. Through the extraordinary experience, Acuff says that she feels closer to God, learning to “soak up every moment good and bad.”