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Getting To Know LA-Based Publisher MindStir Media

Ever since the Gutenberg Press dazzled and changed the landscape forever in the world of literature, there have been an array of publishing houses and institutions to give writers and aspiring creators the opportunity to share their gift and perspective with the world. Publishing houses like MindStir Media has taken this revolutionary notion and run with it.

Once a small-scale operation, MindStir Media has separated itself from the pack by standing proudly on some foundational principles of success and never wavering from the underlying goal – fostering creativity.

MindStir Media Contact:

Website: https://mindstirmedia.com

Phone: +1 800-767-0531

Strong Partners

For MindStir Media to have the credibility it has garnered over the years, certain attributions should be brought to the forefront. After all, there is no shortage of publishing houses in the greater Los Angeles area.

MindStir Media has made its presence known in the last decade thanks to a robust publishing service, as well as partnerships with the likes of Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank fame, and more excitingly, Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of influential author Ernest Hemingway.

Not only this, MindStir Media also provides mentoring with acclaimed USA bestselling author J.J. Hebert – thus bolstering the appeal for creators and authors looking to find a publishing house that puts literature first.

Beautiful Published Works

Back in the day, there were but a few exclusive publishing houses that had the means and influence to effectively give a small book a large-scale release. MindStir Media has effectively integrated the old-school model, with modern practices and caveats.

They have the whole gamut for authors, from publishing, mentoring, PR, advertising, illustration, design, and even financing to ensure that each release and contracted creator has the opportunity to thrive in a crowded market.

Their accessibility mixed with diverse and open-mindedness elevates this publishing house from ‘just another one’, to the ‘one that matters’.

MindStir Media – Reviews:

MindStir Media – Reviews

This was my first book and it was all new to me. I am blessed to have found MindStir Media!  Mr. Hebert and Jen were extremely helpful from beginning to end. They are there to answer any questions. Jen and her team did an amazing job! Others have told me they are impressed with the quality of the book! I highly recommend MindStir Media!” – source

I attempted to publish a book in the early 2000s but could never get it off the ground successfully. I hit every roadblock imaginable. I’m grateful that I found MindStir Media. They are able to help me along the way. I feel like I have a friend in publishing now.” – source

I saw this company advertised through the Next Generation Indie Book Awards (they are one of the sponsors) and decided to give them a chance. So far I’m very happy with the results. My book design is beautiful.” – source

JJ gave me a 45 minute consultation for free. I didn’t end up having enough funds to purchase his package for now, but will be back and will purchase later. He gave me a lot to think about in terms of my book writing. I shared my thoughts on my book title and he led me down a different, much improved path. I’m thankful.” – source

I’m pretty sure I’d still be unpublished if I didn’t find MindStir Media. I went through the whole querying agents process and it was miserable. My book wasn’t what they were looking for. Mind stir broke down the barriers and made everything easier. They spoke to me like a human and helped me every step without judgment.” – source

I contacted Lulu and couldn’t get a live person, so I contacted Mindstir next on my list. Not only did I get a live person, but I was able to speak with JJ. Hebert, CEO and he spent nearly an hour on the phone with me giving advice.” – source