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3 of MindStir Media’s Top Bestselling Books

Founded in 2009, MindStir Media is a business based in New Hampshire that’s helped a wide variety of authors self-publish, distribute, and successfully market their work. They work with virtually every genre and have an impressive track record of getting their clients to the coveted Amazon Best Sellers lists.

Rather than adopt the business model of a traditional publishing firm, MindStir Media sets itself apart by allowing authors to retain full copyright and exclusive publishing rights to their work, as well as receive royalty rates from 50% to 100%. Authors also get ongoing mentorship throughout the publishing process by award-winning author and founder of MindStir Media J.J. Hebert, including easy access to other professionals like editors, illustrators, designers, and much more.

The following will examine the top bestselling books that have been published with the help of MindStir Media.

Contingency: Book 1: Covenant of Trust Series by Paula Wiseman

Paula Wiseman is one of MindStir Media’s most successful authors, and her first published book Contingency is the first book of four in the Covenant of Trust Series. The book is about a Christian woman who discovers her husband’s infidelity and suffers from a crisis of faith because of it. The book won several awards upon release, including Winner, Indie Excellence Book Awards, and Winner, Religion/Faith Fiction: 2012 Global Ebook Awards.

The Cat Who Loved The Moon by Jennifer Lea Reynolds

One of the most successful children’s books that MindStir Media has helped publish, Jennifer Reynold’s The Cat Who Loved The Moon became an Amazon Best Seller in 3 different categories for children’s literature. It is an illustrated children’s book about a cat named Cromwell who loves the moon, even when it’s no longer around. It is described by reviewers as a sweet and simple story that teaches children about continuing to love and cherish things even when they are no longer physically with them.

Stars on the Oriental Corridor: Book 1: Heaven by Young-Tae Kim

Stars on the Oriental Corridor: Book 1: Heaven by Young-Tae Kim was published and became an Amazon Best Seller with the help of MindStir Media. It is a compilation of short stories about the Far East that explores themes in culture, religion, art, and more. It gives readers a glimpse into a wide variety of subjects concerning the cultural development of Korean, Japanese, and Manchurian societies. It is described as a well-researched and fascinating piece by critics.