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Mercury thermometers a thing of the past with Infrared the way forward

It appears that the days of using an old-fashioned, oral thermometer could well be over. Indeed, some of the most innovative and ground-breaking technology is being harnessed in our health sector. So, it comes as no surprise that products like Infrared No-Touch Thermometers are quickly becoming the mainstream.

How does it work?

To be honest, the device doesn’t even look like a thermometer, more like an air conditioner or television remote. And the process to use it is insanely simple. All you need to do is point the device at your forehead and push a button. In approximately 1-2 seconds you’ll receive a reading on the large LED display. It’s as simple as that! The device doesn’t even have to touch your forehead.

The thermometer runs on a pair of triple A batteries and is obviously great for families with youngsters. One of the big concerns with using an oral mercury thermometer was the risk of the device breaking and the child getting mercury poisoning by swallowing the small amount of mercury in the tube. As a result, the new thermometers on the market, particularly infrared devices, pose far less safety risks.

The device can also help minimise the spread of illness. The sick person doesn’t have to contact the thermometer and yet still receives a highly-accurate reading of their body temperature. Moreover, with the devices becoming more and more popular, prices are dropping, making them accessible to more people.