Meet New Books – Review

Meet New Books

Looking For Adventure? Turn A New Page & Meet New Books

As any literary lover and bookworm will attest, it is often the act of finding a new book to read that is the hardest part of reading – this is where Meet New Books breaks the mold and offers and experience like no other.

You can tell from the first page that this site is a true labor of love for its creators and community of avid enthusiasts, bringing the concept of choosing your next adventure to a whole new level. In lieu of utilizing the tried-and-true (and often controversial) rating system that permeates the typical booklovers website, Meet New Books instead offers suggestions based on the books you know and love.

The notion inviting you to dip your toe into deeper waters and find an author, genre, or title you’d never imagine enjoying.

A Novel Idea

Oftentimes when stuck on finding the next book to read, we’ll often turn to our trust bookseller or local shop and ask for suggestions. While they are very good at what they do, you won’t always guarantee that your palate will match theirs completely. For instance, if you’re someone who is deep into Magical Realism books and you ask someone who is an avid Romance fan, chances are you may not get the heartiest of recommendations.

This is why Meet New Books is making waves, their intuitive and fair system of recommendations will simply go along the same vibrations as the book you entered into their search bar and present you with similar styles and vibes as the books you know and love. Whether you’re searching for a Memoir or Coming Of Age classic – Meet New Books will have an answer you never anticipated.

A Tale Of W.O.E (Wildly Original Execution)

We can’t write this review without mentioning some of the added cherries on top of the already delectable linguistic sundae.

They have an eclectic range of wonderful additional features. One of their wildly inventive executions is for those with readers block, their Random Book Suggestions offers a cavalcade of wonderful options for those who are simply looking for a book that will get them back into the habit.

Do yourself a favor and check out Meet New Books, and begin your next literary adventure!