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5 Best Mediators in Chicago 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Mediators in Chicago. To help you find the best Mediators located near you in Chicago, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Chicago’s Best Mediators:

The top rated Mediators in Chicago are:

  • Cook Country Family Mediation Services – offers domestic relations mediation and legal services handled by the state
  • Center for Conflict Resolution – features lawyers and professionals who build and strengthen the justice system
  • ADR Systems – offers its services on mediation and arbitration to businesses and law firms
  • C.E.L. Associates, Inc. – specializes in divorce mediation and offers services for parenting coordination
  • Solutions First Legal Services, PC – provides experienced attorneys that handle family law cases professionally

Cook County Family Mediation Services

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Cook Country Family Mediation Services offers domestic relations mediation and legal services handled by the state. Their lawyers are trained by excellent universities and organizations. Furthermore, they hear cases for dissolution of marriage, legal separation, and child support. They have excellent lawyers ready to protect the rights of their clients. The lawyers guide them throughout the whole process. Their proceedings include post-judgment matters. Moreover, they offer legal advice and services for the allocation of parental responsibilities and child maintenance. Their website provides comprehensive information for legal practitioners and litigants.


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Address: 69 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312)-603-1544
Website: cookcountycourt.org/ABOUT-THE-COURT/County-Department/Domestic-Relations-Division/Mediation


“Mark is the attorney that saved my son and me. He not only assisted our family with our child custody matter, he helped me through the muck. Mark is an exceptional attorney, protector but even more he is that person that makes you see the light at the end of any tunnel. Thank you for always fighting for the boy and me. We wouldn’t have had the outcome without their guidance and expertise.” – Nancy Rodriguez

Center for Conflict Resolution

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Center for Conflict Resolution features lawyers and professionals who build and strengthen the justice system. They mediate and give resolution to everyday conflicts. It offers free mediation services for people in conflict. Furthermore, they are flexible and tailor their advice towards the circumstance of their client. The practice composes of staff and volunteers who are experts in the field of law and mediation. In addition, they give mediation skills training and customizable conflict management workshops. They also make sure that their services include everyone. The staff grants access of their services to those in dire need.


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Address: 11 E Adams St, Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: (312)-922-6464
Website: ccrchicago.org


“This is a great organization. They help mediate conflict – which basically means to facilitate a conversation between two parties that are having a disagreement. Instead of there being a win-lose kind of resolve, they are able to work with people to come up with a win-win solution. Their services are free and they are easy to get to. Highly recommend using them if there is any dispute in your life!” – Hannah Bonham

ADR Systems

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ADR Systems offers its services on mediation and arbitration to businesses and law firms. They specialize in commercial and personal injury cases. More than 91 percent of their mediated cases are settled. They also offer the best outcome and settle the case amicably. Furthermore, their services include neutrals, mediation, and arbitration. They engage a panel of arbitrators and mediators who can be trusted and approaches the case with full honesty. They also conduct mediation through video conferencing and teleconferencing. Their resolution for personal injury cases is accompanied by risk management services.


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Address: 20 N Clark St floor 29, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone:  (312)-960-2260
Website:  adrsystems.com


“Very great place to try if you would like to try mediation. Some of the best mediators in the country work there” – Sami Al Rasheedi

C.E.L. and Associates, Inc.

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C.E.L. Associates, Inc. specializes in divorce mediation and offers services for parenting coordination. They efficiently facilitate conversations with the family. Their mediators help couples find common ground and produce positive resolutions. They help the, through divorce and separation. Furtehmore, they handle cases in pre-and post-nuptial agreements, same-sex marriages, and couples who have never been married. They are fully equipped with strategies and told that help them through the mediation process. Their staff is very compassionate and understanding. They also provide unbiased recommendations for the people they mediate.


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Address: 20 N Clark St Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312)-524-5829
Website: yourdivorce.org


“I can never thank Mr. Brian James enough for the service and knowledge he has provided me. He was and still is very helpful and supportive to my ex-husband and me. He didn’t take sides or place blame. Mr. James was very direct and went over every line of our divorce agreement so know one would be surprised or feel like they where taken advance of.” – Tamica Magee

Solutions First Legal Services, PC

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Solutions First Legal Services, PC provides experienced attorneys that handle family law cases professionally. Their divorce lawyers quickly respond during the initial contact. All calls from their clients are straightly directed to them. Moreover, they cater to business law and litigation clients. They assess the whole situation and delves into case-specific information. Furtehmore, they developed a multi-disciplinary team of divorce lawyers for arbitration. They provide clients with alternative options instead of going to court. This helps clients make better decisions regarding their situation. They also tailor the methods according to the status quo.


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Address: 1619 Michigan Ave # 1, Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: (312)-386-1467
Website: solfirst.com


“I hired Robin to be my advocate and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Robin represented my interests very well and the case was handled quickly, efficiently and effectively. My ex and I wanted the marriage to be over and did not want a protracted battle. I was divorced within a year of my separation, with an equitable settlement and without drama and angst. I highly recommend working with Robin Becker!” – Mary Dombrowski