5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus 🥇

5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus

Below is a list of the top and leading Mazda Dealers in Columbus. To help you find the best Mazda Dealers located near you in Columbus, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus’s Best Mazda Dealers:

The top rated Mazda Dealers in Columbus are:

  • Byers Mazda – commits to provide unparalleled customer service and top-of-the-line Mazda vehicles
  • Stockyard Sandwich Co. – provides locally-sourced food sold at the best and reasonable prices
  • Germain Mazda – features an interactive car shopping experience with high-quality and reliable vehicles
  • Ricart Automotive Group – a trusted dealer of new and used vehicles across various makers
  • Buckeye Motor Sales – has a wide selection of used vehicles from jars, trucks, and SUVs

Byers Mazda

5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus1

Byers Mazda commits to provide unparalleled customer service and top-of-the-line Mazda vehicles. they have a large inventory of well-maintained vehicles showcased in their showroom. Furthermore, they have new and pre-owned vehicles performing at their top performance. The pre-owned vehicles are checked by their technicians. There are also sales representatives that offer assistance for a hassle-free car buying experience. Moreover, their fiance Department provides personalized financing plans. They also put discounts and offers for new vehicles. A free car wash is even in all auto-services. They also buy cars at competitive prices.

Products/ Services:

Mazda dealers, auto-service, car wash


Address: 2455 Billingsley Rd, Columbus, OH 43235
Phone: (614)-714-3763
Website: byersmazda.com


”I accidentally went to a wrong dealership. When I realized my mistake I called and they still let me come in for service even an hour later than my appointment. I really appreciated their kindness. They did a great job and very friendly.” – Eileen Sharff

Germain Mazda 

5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus2

Germain Mazda features an interactive car shopping experience with high-quality and reliable vehicles. There are sales representatives that guide clients around. The shop has more than two decades of a car dealership. Furthermore, they ensure that their inventory has a complete list of vehicles for all budgets. They want to provide vehicles at the best prices. Moreover, they have pre-owned and used Mazda vehicles sold at competitive rates. There is also an auto-service handled with professional technicians. They understand the vehicle in and out. There are also OEM Mazda parts and accessories available.

Products/ Services:

Mazda dealer, auto-service, OEM parts


Address: 4330 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43230
Phone: (855)-607-5520
Website: germainmazda.com


“I recently purchased a gently used Mazda from Germain Mazda. I will say, the whole experience was grade A. The gentleman in sales, presented the car very well. The finance manager made quick work of my loan. And, my experience with the service department was perfect.” – Jim

Ricart Automotive Group 

5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus3

Ricart Automotive Group is a trusted dealer of new and used vehicles across various makers. They carry numerous makers in their inventory. This includes Chevrolet, Toyota, and Mazda. They also have an extensive collection of BMW, Chrysler, and Honda vehicles. Moreover, the vehicles are thoroughly inspected before display. There are certified technicians checking and maintaining the vehicles. Furthermore, the used vehicles have categories like certified pre-owned and Motor Trend certified. They also provide auto servicing and maintenance. Their state-of-the-art facility ensures the satisfaction of the clients.

Products/ Services:

Mazda dealer, used vehicles, pre-owned vehicles


Address: 4255 S Hamilton Rd, Groveport, OH 43125
Phone: (614)-836-5321
Website: ricart.com


“I purchased my 2nd car from Ricart yesterday and its always the same service! Great and friendly. 🙂 😃 Btw Ryan & James are great to work with, thanks fellas.” – Nathan Ballard

Village Car Store 

5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus4

Village Car Store has provided quality vehicles for America and other imports. There is a large inventory of trucks and SUVs under their care. Furthermore, the sop has provided excellent customer service since 1964. The friendly staff helps the clients find the most fitting vehicle for them. Moreover, their finance department provides competitive deals for their vehicles. They ensure that the clients have the best deals and vehicles. In addition, their on-site service center is managed by skilled technicians. They ensure that the vehicle is in perfect running condition before selling. There are also warranty packages added when the vehicle is sold.

Products/ Services:

Mazda dealer, used cars


Address:  1390 Courtright Rd, Columbus, OH 43227
Phone: (614)-237-8147
Website:  villageusedcardealercolumbus.com


”Great cars, great deals, and friendly helpful sales staff. This will the first place I look for our next driver!!” – James Hahn

Buckeye Motor Sales 

5 Best Mazda Dealers in Columbus5

Buckeye Motor Sales has a wide selection of used vehicles from jars, trucks, and SUVs. There are also trucks and other specialty automobiles available. Their staff ensures that the clients take home the best vehicle for them. Furthermore, the staff provides assistance to speed up transactions. Their online shop provides convenience and easy viewing of the available vehicles. They classified the vehicles in terms of make, model, and body style. Moreover, they carry a range of makes including Buick, Honda, and Mazda. Their Maxda selection has models from CX-5 and Mazda6.

Products/ Services:

used car, Mazda dealer


Address: 2847 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH 43232
Phone: (614)-694-2847
Website: buckeyemotorsales.com


“I would recommend for anyone who wants a good car with smooth easy way to go and choose those team to help him, all your dreams will become a reality for sure. Steve, Darlene, Cody, and Dana, those people are amazing, they were rolling up and down quickly, fixing and solving all the problems to get me approved and get my car within an hour ( again one hour) I got my second car with them within 4 years, wonderful staff. Well done Steve well done.” – Zayed Attia