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5 Best Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix. To help you find the best Martial Arts Classes located near you in Phoenix, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Phoenix’s Best Martial Arts Classes:

The top rated Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix are:

  • USA Martial Arts – teaches and empowers kids with the importance of human values
  • Ucelo Martial Arts Phoenix – interactive martial arts classes
  • Lee’s ATA Martial Arts – with licensed ATA campuses
  • World Martial Arts Academy – pioneers training with the Chinese contemporary sport Wushu
  • Full Circle Jujitsu – shapes students to be the best version of themselves

USA Martial Arts

USA Martial Arts continues to be one of the country’s top providers of martial arts. At the school, they teach self-defense that goes beyond its usual connotation of physical arts. Instead, it plants and stresses the importance of compassion, kindness, and community to the students. Their mission is to teach and empower the learners to enjoy a life without fear, but overflowing with character, honor, and purpose. The martial arts program teaches confidence, integrity, fitness, self-defense, focus, discipline, stress management, and control.


Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Summer Camp, Birthday Parties


Address: 4731 E Greenway Rd #9, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone: (602) 896-8721
Website: www.usa-martialarts.com


“I absolutely loved coming to this studio, the instructors are all amazing, fun, and very professional. There is a crazy cool level of confidence that you get once you start taking Krav or kickboxing! It’s also always a really good workout. Unfortunately, I’m a dumb college kid so I can’t really afford to keep going (😭), but I really loved my time here! Thank you guys for having me!” –Alyssa Knowles

Ucelo Martial Arts Phoenix


Ucelo Martial Arts Phoenix is inspired by the successful Ucelo Martial Arts school in Guatemala that was founded by Grand Master Miguel Ucelo. The academy has more than 30 years of experience in the physical arts industry spent on teaching children and adult martial arts enthusiasts. By October 2003, the son of Grand Master Miguel Ucelo, opened the Ucelo Martial Arts in Phoenix. It was patterned with the same concept and principles his father employed in his own academy. They are committed to assisting students in their journey to grasp the true meaning and purpose of martial arts.


Karate Kids, Jiu-Jitsu, Teen & Adult, Little Tigers, Yoga, Kickboxing


Address: 8021 North 43rd Avenue #1B, 2 3, Phoenix, AZ 85051
Phone: (623) 570-1370
Website: www.ucelomartialartsphoenix.com


“Great school for my 2 children, excellent Kikin Ucelo teacher from a martial arts family. 100% recommended.” –Victor Uribe.

Lee’s ATA Martial Arts


Lee’s ATA Martial Arts dedicate its name to the American Taekwondo Association a prestigious organization celebrated worldwide due to its affiliation to various global organizations. Michelle Landgren-Lee, the owner, had her first martial arts school located in Tempe Arizona in 1986. With her dedication and passion, she was able to open 11 more training institutions manned by the best martial artists in the region as its instructors. Their campuses are licensed ATA facilities that had trained numerous champions in their own chosen field.


ATA Tigers, Karate for Kids, Krav Maga, Adult Fitness Classes, Taekwondo for Teens & Adults, Kids’ Fight Club, Leadership Program, Legacy Program, Special Abilities Classes


Address: 3602 W Thomas Rd #15, Phoenix, AZ 85019 
Phone: (602) 272-5733
Website: www.leesatamember.com


“Excellent instructors….They teach discipline, respect and they care a whole lot…I’m so glad to have picked this school for my daughter….And I recommend everyone to come on by and see for yourself how great this school really is…..It’s great.” –David Riquelmy

World Martial Arts Academy

World Martial Arts Academy
World Martial Arts Academy. Source: Screenshot from www.worldmartialartsacademy.net

World Martial Arts Academy presents Wushu to the communities in the valley not only as Chinese contemporary sport but as an avenue to address health and fitness issues. The sport which employs using the body and mind helps stretch and workout the bodily systems contributing to a more healthy physique. It is under the mentorship of the owner himself Master Jinheng Li. The instructor has a stellar qualification in teaching and as a professional athlete competing locally in his mother country and dominating world competitions.


Wushu/Kung Fu, Taichi


Address: 2028 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006 
Phone: (602) 332-3170
Website: www.worldmartialartsacademy.net


“Every time I step through the door, I leave with more than I walked in with. Talking with Sifu Li is one of the most enlightening experiences one can have with another human being.” –Ivoury Thomas

Full Circle Jujitsu


Full Circle Jujitsu is a premier martial arts school based in Phoenix Arizona. Its main goal for its establishment is its commitment to equip children and adults with the necessary skills in self-defense. All individuals who want to harness their potentials with martial arts are welcome to enroll at the academy. They accept students of all ages including kids, teens, and adults. The academy strives to help them by assisting them to grow into a more confident and leader-worthy version of themselves. They are introduced to physical training that improves mental performance and social relationships.


Crouching Tigers, Kids Jujitsu, Young Adults, Jujitsu Adults Including Eskrima, Virtual Kids Martial Arts, Virtual Adults Martial Arts


Address: 1930 W Thunderbird Rd #106, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Phone: (623) 252-4140
Website: www.fullcirclejujitsu.com


“Very easy-going and unintimidating. Great for someone that has no martial arts experience. They go slow and make sure you understand. A small class environment makes sure you get to ask questions and understand moves clearly.” –Jacob Duell