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5 Best Marriage Counselling in Memphis, TN

Below is a list of the top and leading Marriage Counselling in Memphis. To help you find the best Marriage Counselling located near you in Memphis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Memphis’ Best Marriage Counselling:

The top rated Marriage Counselling in Memphis, TN are:

  • Thriveworks Counseling – find creative ways to meet the unique needs of their clients
  • Laurie Daniel, MS, LPC, MHSP – is a well-known, experienced counselor in Memphis
  • Mid-South Professional Counseling  – is the routine outpatient line of Mental Health
  • Forward Counseling – offer a variety of services, such as Marriage Counseling & more
  • Cassius & Associates – is highly recognized in its ability to meet the community’s Mental Health needs

Thriveworks CounselingMarriage Counselling in Memphis

AJ Centore Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of Thriveworks, a counseling practice with 240+ sites across the United States that focuses on premium client care. He is a multistate Licensed Professional Counselor, a member of the American Counseling Association Foundation’s Advisory Committee, and a former American Counseling Association Private Practice Consultant.

AJ is the co-author of “Leaving Depression Behind: An Interactive, Choose Your Path Book,” as well as several other books. AJ has been quoted in the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and CBS Sunday Morning, among other publications.


Marriage and Family Counseling


Address: 254 Court Ave Suite 110, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 499-3155
Website: www.thriveworks.com


“Tonia Goodrich in Kingston, TN is great. I spoke with another Thriveworks Counselor prior to Tonia as well as a counselor not with Thriveworks before Tonia and I just didn’t feel a connection. They say 3rd times a charm. She has helped me so much with the grief process of my husband dying in 2020, the unforeseen issues related to his death as well as the death of 2 of my Grandparents just a year before. I definitely recommend Tonia.” – Brian P.

Laurie Daniel, MS, LPC, MHSPTop Marriage Counselling in Memphis

Laurie Daniel, MS, LPC, MHSP is a well-known and experienced Memphis psychotherapist. She has been helping people and couples deal with their problems in a loving manner for decades. She assists you in making room for a new, more tranquil path. She gently guides you in the development of new coping skills for optimism and happiness.

Laurie Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Science. She is also a National Board Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Mental Health Service accreditation.

Intimacy Building, Marriage Counseling, Personal Growth and Self-Esteem
Address: 5100 Poplar Ave Suite 2700, Memphis, TN 38137

Phone: (901) 821-7458


“Laurie is very personable and professional, she has helped my wife and me, and she listens very closely, offering very good advice to solve problems and fix relationship issues. Laurie definitely guides you to think differently and logically to get you out of your own head and overcome whatever obstacles you may be facing. Just voicing your issues to someone who objectively views them is helpful. I’d recommend her to anyone having issues with relationships, grief, and a basket of other problems.” – Hayes H.

Mid-South Professional CounselingMarriage Counselling Memphis

Mid-South Professional Counseling believes in tailoring your sessions to your specific needs and goals, collaborating with you based on your unique worldview and values. They understand how tough it is to make the first step toward booking a therapy appointment, and they appreciate your trust in them.

Mental Health Resources’ routine outpatient line is Mid-South Professional Counseling. They endeavor to provide professional and high-quality service. They are committed to evidence-based and well-researched therapy approaches. They take satisfaction in inviting people from various walks of life, lifestyles, and religious beliefs.


Marriage and Family Counseling, Medication Management, Couples Therapy


Address: 1037 Cresthaven Rd, Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: (901) 682-6136
Website: www.mhrmemphis.com


“I didn’t think I’d ever feel like myself again, but due to treatment here, I do. If you want to get better, call them. The staff is great and really know what they’re doing, it wasn’t easy, they make you work, but if you want your life back, it’s worth it. Highly recommend.” – Janette H.

Forward CounselingGood Marriage Counselling in Memphis

Forward Counseling since 2012, Forward Counseling has counseled hundreds of people, and their result studies demonstrate its effectiveness. They disrupt the existing quo by assisting their clients in overcoming the shame and stigma connected with mental illness, as well as assisting them in resolving their problematic symptoms. Their innovative purpose is to assist you in curing your diagnosis, recovering from the symptoms, and achieving personal goals you never imagined possible.


Mental Health Counseling, Couples Counseling, Child and Adolescent Counseling


Address: 4646 Poplar Ave #302, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: (901) 930-7397
Website: www.forwardcounseling.com


“Jessica Shea helped me open a side hustle that I was finally able to turn into a full-time gig. She helped me focus and get resources, including fundraising, branding and led me through setting up my LLC. I cannot say how much better my life is because I am doing what I want all day.” – Lisa M.

Cassius & AssociatesOne of the best Marriage Counselling in Memphis

Cassius & Associates is a well-known professional organization that is unique in its ability to satisfy the mental health requirements of the community through individual and group psychotherapy as well as hypnotherapy. Cassius and Associates have a long history in Memphis, having been founded by the late Joseph Cassius, Ph.D., a well-known psychologist in Memphis.

It has changed names over the years, from Joseph Cassius, Private Practitioner, to T. A. South Associates, The Center for Group and Family Psychotherapy, and finally Cassius and Associates Psychological Services, reflecting a constant effort to unify and find balance in all aspects of people’s lives.


Individual Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy


Address: 815 Mt Moriah Rd, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: (901) 685-5491
Website: www.cassiusandassociates.com


“I was going through chemo and suffering from severe pain. I went to see Eric for Hypnotherapy to help me cope with the continued pain and for relief from the symptoms of chemotherapy. I feel like I have a new perspective on life and my symptoms have subsided. Thank you Eric for everything you have done for me.” – Karen B.