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Manhattan Book Group Blends Traditional and Unique Publishing Styles to Guarantee Literary Success

Manhattan Book Group – full review

Located in the heart of Broadway in New York City, Manhattan Book Group has become the number one destination for writers looking to publish their works in an innovative way. Known for putting their unique twist on publishing, Manhattan Book Group have produced a number of notable Amazon best sellers.

Manhattan Book Group – Contact:

Website: www.manhattanbookgroup.com
Local NYC#: 212-634-7677
Toll-free#: 800-767-0531

The full-service book publishing program allows authors to maintain control over their prized works. Known as a hybrid program, Manhattan Book Group blends traditional publishing styles with innovative opportunities. In the traditional sense, each manuscript that is chosen for publishing is rigorously edited, professionally designed, and skillfully distributed. Self-publishing is also an option and is ideal for authors who want to ensure that they retain their control over their works. This will also allow them to keep 100% of the royalties. What makes Manhattan Book Group truly unique is the guarantees that they deliver through their proprietary author program.

Founder J.J. Hebert has spent the past decade developing publishing solutions for authors and has successfully published nearly 1000 titles across a broad range of genres. As an Amazon best-selling author himself, he knows just how important a professional yet flexible publishing company is for budding writers. The proprietary author program that he offers is one of the biggest appeals of Manhattan Book Group as it provides a place for authors to take their manuscript to the next level.

The benefits include, but are not limited to, professional editorial, custom book cover design, market research, book printing, eBook conversion, worldwide distribution, guaranteed press release placement on major news websites, and guaranteed Amazon Best Seller status. This comprehensive solution for authors is a large part of why Manhattan Book Group has gained such a stellar reputation.

For a prestigious publishing experience that is guaranteed to achieve success for authors of all genres, look no further than Manhattan Book Group. The leadership of J.J. Hebert continues to inspire countless writers and the innovative company has become one of the best publishing options available to authors who want to be taken seriously in the writing world.

Manhattan Book Group – Reviews:

Manhattan Book Group Review

Google Reviews:

I wanted to find a NYC based publisher that could take me on without an agent. Manhattan Book Group came up in my search and I’m so glad I found them. JJ Hebert gave me a consultation for free to discuss my manuscript in detail. He shared some insight that I would have gladly paid for. I know where I’m going when it’s time to publish this book! Very cool that they are connected to Mariel Hemingway too.”source

Their sales person was very laid back, didn’t push me to do anything but laid out the options. I appreciated the no pressure attitude. I’ve dealt with other author service companies and they want you sign up today and try to get you on board with gimmicky discounts, etc. which they have to give out because they are trash companies. No thanks. Just go with Manhattan Book Group instead.” – source

“I heard the term hybrid publishing a few years ago and liked the concept. I don’t want to self-publish and traditional publishers are annoyingly picky. Manhattan Book Group is the right pick for me. They let me keep my rights and give me a full team to work with.” – source

“I reached out to Harper Collins and never heard back. Come to find out they won’t even read your stuff unless you have an agent. What a waste of time on my part. I reached out to Manhattan Book Group and got a manuscript eval and publishing offer in a week for free. Wow.” – source

“Manhattan Book Group treated me a newbie with more respect than I could’ve imagined. They knew how green I was and still took their time to answer my questions. Maggie was the best.” – source