5 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Hawaii

5 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Hawaii

Malpractice lawyers are an important part of a society in which businesses often exploit their workers in unsafe conditions, which can lead to injury. In this type of situation, it is important that the victim pursues legal action in order to be compensated for their injury caused by unsafe business practices. This is where malpractice lawyers will come into play. They will represent the client in court when it comes to getting them a compensation from their previous employers. They will attempt to prove that their client obtained a personal injury as a direct result of their working conditions, and the employer will have to pay them.

Here are the 5 best malpractice lawyers in Hawaii.

#1 Cummings Law HawaiiA malpractice lawyer in Hawaii writing notes on a piece of paper.

Cummings Law Hawaii provides services of law under the practice areas of malpractice and personal injury. The company is run by Brian Cummings, an attorney with over 20+ years of experience in successfully handling medical malpractice, personal injuries, and car accidents. Obtaining over $26 million for his clients, you know that he will be able to obtain results due to his past experience.

#2 Judith Ann PaveyTwo malpractice lawyers sitting with a laptop writing notes in Hawaii.

Judith Ann Pavey is an experienced trial attorney that has won a significant amount of awards for her work. She has represented clients for over 40+ years and has helped them receive fair compensation for her work. Practicing at Marcus & Fisher, she is well worth a call for your malpractice and/or personal injury case.

#3 Davis Levin LivingstoneA malpractice lawyer smiling at his laptop in Hawaii.

Davis Levin Livingstone is a law firm that specializes in malpractice and personal injury cases. The law firm is made up of several highly skilled and experienced attorneys who will be able to represent you in court. They also offer a number of different practice areas such as civil rights, construction law, consumer rights, and much more.

#4 Jan M. WeinbergA malpractice lawyer typing on a computer at the desk in her office in Hawaii.

Jan M. Weinberg is an experienced attorney with over 30 years of experience in successfully representing clients in a court of law and getting wins. She has numerous testimonials which testify to her experience and positive experiences clients have had with her. A great choice.

#5 Dennis Potts LawTwo malpractice lawyers in Hawaii standing outside with an open folder talking.

Dennis Potts Law is one of Hawaii’s most prominent personal injury lawyers. With over 40 years of experience, Dennis has recovered millions of dollars for his past clients. The case of the client is handled directly by him, and not by anyone else, and he will not charge a fee unless the case is won.

Definitely a great lawyer to look into.

Malpractice and personal injury is a big issue in Hawaii, just like in the mainland. If you are in this situation, it is a good idea to call any one of these attorneys to receive compensation.