5 Best Makeup Artists with Permanent Makeup Services in Detroit

Best makeup artists in Detroit

Because the world is obsessed with beauty, and will continue to be so, makeup artists with permanent makeup services have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Permanent makeup services involve any form of process or procedure which will permanently apply makeup to you.

These procedures have become very popular, as they are very convenient. There are many makeup artists out there, however it is very important that you find ones that are very good in their work, as the procedures are permanent and if mistakes are made, it can end badly.

Here are the 5 top makeup artists in Detroit:

1. MD-Esthetics


MD-Esthetics is a leading place to go! The founder of MD-Esthetics is Maya Derwiche. She has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years, and specializes in permanent makeup services. She mastered the craft of cosmetic tattooing in Europe and Asia, and brought these skills back to Detroit where she services her clients.

2. Fine Strokes Microblading

Fine Strokes Microblading

Fine Strokes Microblading is run by owner Elda who is considered to be a pioneer in Michigan for microblading. She vigorously studied and trained in microblading for over a year in the permanent makeup industry, and her skills have allowed her clients to receive the best possible service.

3. Alphonse Beauty

Alphonse Beauty specializes in permanent makeup services, especially eyebrow microblading. They aim to help their clients achieve their desired looks through the crafting of a natural looking but crisp eyebrow. Their service allows you to walk out the same day with your desired eyebrows. Definitely worth a look into.

4. Jameel Makeup

Jameel Makeup

Jameel Makeup is run by Rochelle. She began doing makeup at the age of 12, and decided to get into makeup artistry. She is exceptionally qualified and holds a significant resume when it comes to her experience within the makeup industry and performing permanent makeup services. She is a qualified makeup artist who is definitely a great choice.

5. Pigalle Salon

Pigalle Salon

Pigalle Salon offers permanent makeup services in the Michigan area, including eyebrow microblading which is a very popular service. They also offer various other services to do with beauty. For those who want all rounded services in one location, Pigalle Salon is for you.

These are the 5 best makeup artists with permanent makeup services in Detroit, based on this rating points list. Any one of these will help you with your beauty, and offers permanent makeup services at a high quality of work.

They also offer many other services which will allow you to get a number of different procedures done at the same time. They are all good choices, and you can make your choice from this list.