Make 2023 Your Year of Passive Income with These 5 Side Hustles

Passive Income with These 5 Side Hustles

A quick scroll through TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter will reveal how obsessed Americans are with the idea of making passive income. And can you blame them? The idea of sitting on a beach while the cash rolls in is more than attractive — it’s the biggest dream of many would-be entrepreneurs.

While running an e-commerce outfit or becoming an affiliate for one of the big shopping sites is a tried-and-true method, there are so many ways to make income that don’t require being glued to a desk all day.

Here, we’ve collected five of our favorite ways to make passive income in 2023.

#1 ATM Automation with

ATMTogether runs an ATM Automation Program, founded by Paul Alex, to help clients establish their first ATM and location. Alex’s services include one-on-one support from a team of experts with over ten years in the industry. The company has instructed over 46,000 aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful owners and managers of ATMs and currently has over 1,400 clients enrolled in its ATM Automation program.

Owners of ATMs make money each time a customer uses it through the convenience fee or placed on the machine— that becomes your passive income. You get paid every day via direct deposit into your business bank account.

Think about it as being a private lender for the general public, who pay you for the service.

#2 Build Up Your Mailbox Money with


Champion helps families generate hands-free revenue with their done-for-you digital asset management services. They build, manage, and scale e-commerce automation stores and digital real estate sites, granting their clients all of the benefits of multiple income streams without any of the effort! Champion handles 100% — from inception all the way up to continued scale and management. You get to sit back and reap the benefits of the entire operation; your only duty is collecting the check!

With over a decade of experience, their team promises integrated solutions for high levels of success.  They earn great reviews for customer service while aiming to make multiple streams of income possible for all.

#3 Advertise On Your Car with


Wrapify is a fantastic solution if you don’t mind ads on your car. To start earning $180-$450 per month in passive income, just download their app, cruise through the available campaigns, and find one that appeals to you.

Their drivers also have the option of a light car wrap, with only four lines of text, a partial wrap, with more coverage, and a full wrap. Of course, the full wrap is where drivers can make the largest amount of passive income.

#4 Dropshipping with


Spocket allows anyone to create an online store that’s as easy as buying for yourself online. You browse from globally available products, choose which ones you want to sell, and wait for customers to order them.

Once ordered, the invoice goes to suppliers who ship the items; you never have to touch the product while keeping any markup you have added. With Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify integration, this easy option is a sure passive income maker.

#5 Rental or Investment Property with


Airbnb will let you post an entire home, a spare sofa, or a bunk in a boat for nightly rental. The platform lets you easily make thousands in passive income from vacationers and traveling businesspeople.

This option works best for unique spaces or desirable locations, but nearly anyone can make passive income with Airbnb. The site also vets all potential hosts and guests for safety and offers Aircover protection to hosts, meaning they can help if your property is damaged.