5 Best Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN

5 Best Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN

Below is a list of the top and leading Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN. To help you find the best Leisure Centers located near you in Indianapolis, IN, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis, IN’s Best Leisure Centers:

The top-rated Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN are:

  • Ruth Lilly Fitness Center – you’re never far from a workout.
  • Health and Recreation Complex – wellness and recreation center in Butler University.
  • Monon Community Center – all-access state-of-the-art facility and recreation center.
  • JCC Indianapolis – community and recreation center in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • MLK Center – fostering inclusiveness and the values espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ruth Lilly Fitness Center

5 Best Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN

Ruth Lilly Fitness Center offers different activities and programs besides the UIndy Fitness Center. This recreation center in the University of Indianapolis also holds sports events like basketball and volleyball games. The Ruth Lilly Fitness Center also holds wrestling matches and other sports events where a good amount of people can watch and experience them. Apart from these ball courts, the center also has an eight-lane 25-yard swimming pool, a full-length basketball court, and three racquetball courts. Their weight room also has the newest and most modern equipment to better cater to students, faculty, and staff.

Recreation and wellness, UINDY fitness center

Address: 1400 East Hanna Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: (317) 788-3368
Website: uindy.edu

The U of I swimming team works with Special Olympics. Great people and place. Thanks! – Angela McGinnis

Health and Recreation Complex

5 Best Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN

Health and Recreation Complex is a recreation center inside Butler University that provides a variety of services and programs catered to alumni, students, and faculty. This center also caters to the community of Indianapolis and has a wide variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. The Health and Recreation Complex of Butler University offers authentic and comprehensive health and wellness program that everyone can benefit from. These activities are not just fun but healthy for people who want to spend some time with family, friends, and loved ones while getting in shape. If you are in Indy or a university student or alumni, the Health and Recreation Complex of Butler University is a great place to start having fun and get back in shape.

Programs, facilities, and events

Address: 530 W. 49th Street Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 940-4472
Website: butler.edu/hrc

This place is well-taking care of by the staff the work there. Very professional and focus on your need. Fully recommended. – Augusto Acosta

Monon Community Center

Best Leisure Centers in Indianapolis, IN

Monon Community Center offers the most modern and state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. This recreation center is not just a gym and fitness center, but a place where the entire family or group of friends can get fit while having fun. Monon Community Center caters to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Their mission is to help everyone succeed in being healthier through their activities and programs. They have a team of amazing instructors and trainers that will help you get back in shape the right way. If you are looking to get fitter and healthier and want to get into sports like basketball, swimming, and activities like yoga, Monon Community Center is a great choice in Indy.

Waterpark, extended school enrichment, summer camp, parks and greenways, programs, rentals, and parties

Address: 1235 Central Park Drive East Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: (317) 848-7275
Website: carmelclayparks.com

The nature walks are great!! And the number of classes and things to do at the Monon Center is astounding. Plus, all the wildlife there keeps the walks interesting. – Brittany Bredlau

JCC Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN Best Leisure Centers

JCC Indianapolis is a non-profit organization that provides recreation and other activities to Indy residents. This recreation center offers afterschool care, pre-school programs, and fitness and arts activities. JCC Indianapolis offers free membership to people who want to be a part of the JCC community. For over a century, JCC has been providing adult and youth programs and activities that help cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Activities and programs like sports and recreation, dance, aquatics, and fitness are taken by Indy natives that are interested in living a healthier life.

Adult fitness, adult aquatics, dance, sports and recreation, wellness, Camp JCC, teen programs, youth aquatics, youth dance, youth sports, and recreation

Address: 6701 Hoover Road Indianapolis, IN 46260
Phone: (317) 251-9467
Website: jccindy.org

Best workout facility in the area I’ve been to! The staff is helpful and inviting, equipment and weights are plentiful and of good quality. Not too crowded and just overall a beautiful, well-maintained facility that really cares about its community. – Nick Perkins

MLK Center

Indianapolis, IN's Best Leisure Centers

MLK Center has been abiding by Dr. King’s values of inclusivity to help cultivate a better community through wellness programs. They help people grow a more meaningful life by helping the people they serve through social change and wellness. The MLK Center offers a variety of programs aimed at the youth of Indianapolis to help them grow into good people that are responsible and accountable. Programs like apprenticeships and other activities help teens foster a better understanding of community and empathy. As a catalyst of change, the MLK Center continues to strive to shape the youth for a brighter future.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center, apprenticeship, Tarkington Teen Work Crew, non-violence, volunteer

Address: 40 W 40th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 923-4581
Website: mlkcenterindy.org

We were blessed to be able to use the facilities for a celebration of life ceremony for my brother. The facilitator was more than gracious and the facility was really affordable, neat, and clean. We can’t thank them enough. – Tasha Whittaker