Learn the Benefits of Sensory Play for Your Child with Busy Box Child

Busy Box Child

Play can be one of the most beneficial ways for a child to learn and develop. There has been a variety of research in this subject area as experts agree that play is crucial for the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of a child.

Carolyn Rahnama is one of these individuals who has studied Child Clinical Psychology and become an advocate for child development through play. With this in mind, she created her business Busy Box Child to help parents engage their children in this important process.

Carolyn Rahnama, the founder of Busy Box Child
Carolyn Rahnama, the founder of Busy Box Child

Carolyn Rahnama first got inspiration for Busy Box Child when she created these ‘Busy Boxes’ for her own children. No matter where they went, she would always carry a ‘Busy Box’ with her so that her children could enjoy the benefits of sensory play. This was an incredibly convenient solution for her and inspired her to offer this solution to other parents.

Particularly with a global pandemic in full swing, children were finding themselves bored and parents were struggling to find ways to keep them entertained. Busy Box Child has been a crucial business for giving these parents solutions for engaging with their child in genuinely beneficial ways that are going to assist their growth and development. Part of Busy Box Child’s mission is to help children spend less time on screens. With tech use at an all-time high during Covid they provide a far more beneficial way for parents to entertain bored kids.

Busy Boxes from Busy Box Child can be bought with a monthly subscription and contain all kinds of exciting sensory items for children to play with. Some of these items include play dough, fidget toys, slime, and other sensory toys. You can even purchase themed boxes such as unicorn, dinosaur, pirate, and much more! No matter what your little ones are interested in, Busy Box Child has something that is sure to delight them.

If you are looking to entertain curious kids, then Busy Box Child is the solution for you. Whether you are out and about or simply sitting at home, these innovative and engaging boxes will be lots of fun for your child. On top of this, you will know that this play is genuinely beneficial for your child’s growth and development. Busy Box Child has truly become an industry leader and continues to delight children and adults alike.