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3 Best Law Firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

We often hear about lawyers from America, the UK and other Western countries, however we never hear about them from other areas. Lawyers are a prevalent and esteemed job within the majority of countries and are needed in just about any civilized country with a legal system. Their job is to defend clients in a court of law, as well as represent them and guide them through the legal system in a manner of different aspects of the legal system. The UAE is a large geographic location, and there are many lawyers available there. However, only some of the law firms there are the best, and you will want the best ones for your legal issues.

Here are the top 3 best law firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

#1 Lawyers UAEA lawyer in the UAE holding paper and talking to clients at his desk.

Lawyers UAE offers legal consultants with proven results. They are a boutique firm which specializes in business law, construction law, real estate law, family law, corporate and commercial law as well as dispute resolution and litigation. They are based within the UAE, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and are a full service law firm aimed at providing the best results possible for their clients. They can provide experts in both local and Sharia law, and are well versed in their specialized fields. They have over 50 years of cumulative experience, and a proven track record of success.

Definitely a good choice for any client.

#2 Al Tamimi and CoA UAE lawyer sitting on a couch looking through a case.

Al Tamimi and Co offer a huge range of different legal services and cover an incredible amount of the legal system. With this huge range of different services, you are absolutely sure to find what you need from Al Tamimi and Co. Their offices are based in a number of different locations including Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and much more. Al Tamimi and Co is one of those law firms where you will just be amazed at the number of services they provide, as well as the international partners they have.

A great choice.

#3 MoteiA UAE lawyer sitting on his desk.

Motei has some of the best lawyers in the Middle East, hands down. Their practices encompass business set ups, commercial transactions, corporate advisory, real estate, wills and so on. They have numerous positive testimonials available on their website which will display how good their lawyers are, and the positive experience that their clients have with them. Based in Dubai, they can help a range of different clients with their legal issues.

For anyone experiencing legal issues within the Middle East, and the UAE especially, these are the best law firms to talk to. They all have incredible lawyers with significant experience in helping clients achieve success in their case.