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Latest Hip-Hop Album from Drippy London Is a Sublime Mix of Vocal Talent and Production Quality

The artist Drippy London, known previously as Drippy Heartbreak, has made impressive strides in 2020 with the release of their album Freeist Banz on YouTube and Apple Music. With 12 original tracks, featuring collaborations from Houhdini, Y$L Kadian, RBM JoJo, BTB Sav, and Bansellamar, the album flows gracefully and is best enjoyed at home or in the car in the late hours of the night.

Drippy London

The album is as much an invitation for self-reflection as it is an entertainment product. The lyrics from Drippy London and his contemporaries all speak about thoughts that almost everyone has had at one time or another, exploring the best and worst aspects of being human.

Exploring a variety of themes that everyone will find relatable, the album is supported by impressive production. Every beat and piano riff present, as well as the vocal harmonisation, lends itself to a unique blend of raw hip-hop with a futuristic atmosphere.

Overall, the album is a feat of true passion and commitment from an artist who has a sincere message behind his music. We can only wait with anticipation to see what comes next from the mind of Drippy London.

Drippy London

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