5 Best Juice Bars in Fort Worth, TX 🥇

Best Juice Bars in Fort Worth, TX

Below is a list of the top and leading Juice Bars in Fort Worth, TX. To help you find the best Juice Bars located near you in Fort Worth, TX, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Fort Worth, TX’s Best Juice Bars:

The top-rated Juice Bars in Fort Worth, TX are:

  • Juice Junkies – serves organic cold-pressed juices
  • Clean Juice – uses real ingredients to their juices and healthy food
  • Boulevard of Greens – motivates to live life in a greener way
  • Freshii – features their raw cold-pressed juices
  • Main Squeeze Juice Company – where after you walked in, you carry a juice with you out

Juice Junkies

Juice Junkies in Fort Worth, TX

Juice Junkies is addicted to healthy living. They are known for their various juices that are healthy and delicious at the same time. All their juices are cold-pressed, ensuring most of the nutrients are intact and made with care. When you visit their website or their store, you will find a great variety of their juices. Each of their juice has its unique benefits, different but complementary to one another. Moreover, their juices have attention-grabbing names that make you want to know them all. Their commitment to their customers is always offering the highest quality of nutrition, service, and an amazing menu.


Juices, Healthy Food


Address: 925 Foch St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: (817) 885 7775

Website: juicejunkies.com


“I just did the 5-day meal plan, and it is fabulous! I knew I always loved their juices, but their food is amazing too! With this, I was never hungry, and my energy has never been this high (and that’s with no caffeine). This place is a gem! All organic, all tasty, all loaded with super healthy benefits!” – Brooke M.

Clean Juice

Clean Juice in Fort Worth, TX

Clean Juice as a juice bar opened in 2014. With motivation and the heart to share the smoothies and juices that they are making for more than a decade, they opened their first juice bar in the Charlotte area. Their juice bar in Fort Worth is one of their 100 locations nationwide. Furthermore, they love what they do, and they want to share it with their customers. They take the journey seriously, which means that they are giving their best to satisfy their customers.


Juices, Healthy Food


Address: 5233 Marathon Ave Suite D115, Fort Worth, TX

Phone: (817) 862 7522

Website: cleanjuice.com


“While traveling, we always look for JUICE bars, and this place was really cute with friendly service and fantastic JUICE! I love the avocado toast, and my husband got one of the bowls!

Worth finding it and much better than the free breakfast bar with fake eggs at the hotel! Lol” – Melissa P.

Boulevard of Greens

Boulevard of Greens in Fort Worth, TX

Boulevard of Greens always got your juice. They offer 100% plant-based food, raw cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, and delicious bowls for your healthy living. Healthy eating has always been their goal to each of their customers. With this, they provide the healthiest food and drinks for their amazing customers. Moreover, healthy food and drinks are what motivates them. Hence, they want to share this motivation with you. Their amazing menu that whatever food or drinks you choose will always be delicious and healthy. Visit them when you are looking for a clean juice or healthy snack!


Juices, Healthy Food, Smoothies


Address: 2700 Horne St #110, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: (817) 782 9070

Website: boulevardofgreens.com


“This place is wonderful! I wish I had found it sooner. The staff is awesome, and I never thought I could love kale salad this much :). The juices, almond milk, smoothies, and other treats are great too! Highly recommend!” – Brandy K.


Freshii in Fort Worth, TX

Freshii is founded in 2005 that is inspired by adding magic to the fresh food business. Their idea is to create something scalable, branded, and purpose-driven. In addition, they aim to help their community to live a better place by providing healthy food that is convenient and affordable. Hence, Freshii is servicing in hundreds of locations around the world, including Fort Worth. Furthermore, their menu is nutrition-led, ensuring that their customers will have nutritious and delicious drinks and food. Interestingly, their packaging and stores use eco-friendly products and functions.


Juices, Smoothies, Healthy Food


Address: 354 W 5th St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: (817) 203 1035

Website: freshii.com


“The ambiance is modern and beautiful. Amazing fresh juice, really hydrating. The Recoverii Smoothie and Tex Mex Burrito is a must-try here. The best place for a get-together and hangouts.” – Dhawal B.

Main Squeeze Juice Company

Main Squeeze Juice Company in Fort Worth, TX

Main Squeeze Juice Company highlights their fresh cold-pressed juices, 100% plant-powered menu, acai bowls, and smoothies. If you are looking for a great juice bar that has great juices, try their top-selling juices. This juice was born after realizing that there were limited healthy and convenient food options existing in the fast-casual restaurant industry. The owners are juicers themselves; hence, Main Squeeze started to serve many customers in your locale with sincere dedication and love for the environment. Furthermore, they strive to bring health and wellness revolution nationwide through their amazing food and drinks.


Juices, Healthy Food


Address: 4560 Heritage Trace Pkwy #500, Fort Worth, TX 76244

Phone: (682) 200 6411

Website: mainsqueezejuiceco.com


“Happy to have Main Squeeze open so near us! Not your typical juice bar, many tasty treats with fresh cold-pressed juice!! There is a difference!!” – Nancy R.