Joilson Melo, Young Brazilian Solicitor & His Journey For True Justice

Joilson Melo
Joilson Melo

For any young lawyer like Joilson Melo, there’s always a choice to be made in the beginning of their careers. The ‘why’ of it all can have a tremendous effect on the overall trajectory of any young solicitors’ career and there is no shortage of reasons for people to get into the stressful yet rewarding world of law and order.

Some opt for a sense of justice, some want the money or prestige, some simply chase some form of familial connection or legacy that can be found in certain famous families around the world. Joilson Melo is on a mission to tackle the underlying corruption and bring a sense of justice back to the people.

About Joilson Melo

The young lawyer was born on September 20th, 1998 as Joilson Junior De Melo. His litigious journey has been one of enlightenment and studious focus. He’s currently a law student in Brazil, more specifically in Sinop, Mato Grosso at the Fasip College. He quickly noticed the disparity of justice between those ‘with’ and those ‘without’.

The notion of corruption and the overabundance of it in his surroundings prompted a swift response from the young idealist. Being no stranger to the notion of calling out injustices, Joilson Melo has requested an inquiry into the National Council Of Justice with Minister Humberto Eustaquio Soares Martin’s as a rapporteur in the past.

Joilson Melo is Finding The Justice Of It All

The noble pursuit of finding the balance in a corrupt system is one of the purer fuels for waltzing into the murky world of law and order. It takes a certain disposition to become a solicitor with some legal weight, Joilson Melo is certainly on track to becoming one.

Joilson Melo’s overall arc is one of redeeming the sense of justice in his home country, with the hope that this will have some form of ripple effect across the courtrooms around the world. The notion of justice being equal and for all is one that is held in high esteem for the young solicitor and it seems very likely he will be making waves in the near future.