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How Award-Winning Book Publishing Consultant J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media are Revolutionizing the World of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing has become the desired method of producing books for many authors as it allows them creative freedom and control over their works. Known as one of the best book publishing consultants, J.J. Hebert and his company MindStir Media have revolutionized the way that authors can do this. Providing innovative hybrid methods of self-publishing, the company and Hebert have produced countless authors who have gone on to win awards and consistently place on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

As a best-selling author himself, J.J. Hebert has quickly become a book publishing consultant that aspiring authors turn to for advice and for the guarantee of success. Having now produced over 1000 titles through his company MindStir Media, Hebert and his team have become known for the well-rounded services that they provide. These include custom book design, editing, printing, ebook conversion, distribution, marketing, endorsements, Best Seller campaigns, and much more.

Authors have the opportunity to use the strategies and advice from a 9-time award winning author and fulfill their self-publishing dreams. Hebert also provides a free self publishing guide to help others bring their stories to life. MindStir Media authors receive ongoing support from Hebert and he is dedicated to promoting them and their talent to the greatest extent. The self-publishing services allow authors to retain their publishing rights and copyright while also receiving royalty rates from 50-100%. Books published are made available through all major book sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and thousands of others around the world. Authors are also promoted in notable publications such as Entrepreneur and Forbes.

The success that J.J. Hebert has been able to assist others in achieving has rightfully earned him the title of one of the best book publishing consultants, particularly for those who value their self publishing rights. MindStir Media’s unique yet successful strategies as a book publishing consulting company are ideal for talented authors who require expert services and promotion yet take pride in retaining ownership over their hard work.

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I had a great experience with J.J. Hebert and his team at Mindstir Media. Thoughtful, attentive, responsive, I couldn’t be happier. J.J. and his team went above and beyond, top-notch. Really terrific.” – Elizabeth

I attempted to publish a book in the early 2000s but could never get it off the ground successfully. I hit every roadblock imaginable. I’m grateful that I found MindStir Media. They are able to help me along the way. I feel like I have a friend in publishing now.” – Cody

JJ gave me a 45 minute consultation for free. I didn’t end up having enough funds to purchase his package for now, but will be back and will purchase later. He gave me a lot to think about in terms of my book writing. I shared my thoughts on my book title and he led me down a different, much improved path. I’m thankful.” – Nicholas

I highly recommend J.J. Hebert and his team for anybody who has a story to tell.” – Monica