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5 Best IT Support in Philadelphia 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading IT Support in Philadelphia. To help you find the best IT Support located near you in Philadelphia, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Philadelphia’s Best IT Support: 

The top rated IT Support in Philadelphia are:

  • CrafTech Computer Solutions, Inc. – offers managed IT services for individuals and businesses
  • Voree IT Solutions – assists customers through their IT problems and provides support 24/7
  • Viletech Computer Services – features top-notch It services and support for businesses across the area
  • Networx IT Solutions – provides efficient IT services for better business operations
  • Kontech IT services – provide an extensive list of IT support services to choose from

CrafTech Computer Solutions, Inc. 

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CrafTech Computer Solutions, Inc. offers managed IT services for individuals and businesses. They have a full range of services for business IT. Furthermore, their support is available 24/7 for the whole year. They cater to clients in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware County. The business has been servicing numerous customers for more than 30 years. They provide fast and appropriate solutions. Moreover, their team comprises of experienced specialists. They also offer augmentation of IT staff. Their services include help desk support, cloud computing IT services, and cybersecurity.

Products/ Services:

IT support, managed IT services, help desk, security cameras


Address: 34 State Rd, Media, PA 19063
Phone: (610)-566-0980
Website:  craftech.com


”This company is a pleasure to deal with. Brian, the tech answered all of my questions and got my computer and printer set up in a short amount of time. The cost was reasonable. Brian was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend CrafTech for any of your computer needs.” – Candace Shockley

Voree IT Solutions

5 Best IT Support in Philadelphia 2

Voree IT Solutions assists customers through their IT problems and provides support 24/7. Thy lead in providing IT services since 2008. Furthermore, they have exceptional customer service. They create solutions for your urgent needs. the company has years of experience in the industry. They also tailor their services according to your needs. Moreover, their services include IT services, cloud solutions, and phone VoIP. They plan out effective IT infrastructures. Their support team provides cost-effective VoIP. In addition, they make the lives of their clients easier with their managed IT services.

Products/ Services:

managed IT services, IT support, cloud solutions, internet security


Address: 1601 Walnut St #1514, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215)-600-0505
Website: voree.net


”Voree managed this low voltage project from planning, working with our architects, GC and all other construction vendors, to assisting with local enforcement. Voree worked with our team to make sure all expectations were met. Communication, dedication, and 24/7 availability are why I would recommend Voree IT Solutions.” – Kimberly Markle

Viletech Computer Services 

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Viletech Computer Services features top-notch It services and support for businesses across the area. They have served in the construction, engineering, and architectural industries. For more than 20 years, they satisfied d customers with quality services. Moreover, they have quick response times. Their team composes of expert technicians and specialists. They also have great experiences in and skills to provide innovative solutions. Furthermore, their services include managed IT services, VoIP services, and network security. They also have services for data backup and remote work solutions.

Products/ Services:

IT support, IT services, cloud computing


Address: 1613 W Porter St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Phone: (215)-755-5661
Website: viletech.com


”I love this company.. they have saved me a few times in high pressure situations and they executed well. Alex is very knowledgeable and will definitely get the job done quickly and at a fair price.” – Michael Oliver Mudry

Networx IT Solutions 

5 Best IT Support in Philadelphia 4

Networx IT Solutions provides efficient IT services for better business operations. They offer numerous services. Their services are delivered by an expert team of professionals. They are licensed and certified by their respective organizations. furthermore, they specialize in helping small and middle-sized businesses. They evaluate the entire infrastructure for their IT solutions. Their team tailors the service according to the needs of the company. In addition, they provide full monitoring for the systems they have set up. This helps in quick response if problems occur.

Products/ Services:

IT support, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, IT modernization


Address: 1024 N 3rd St # 401, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (215)-586-7000
Website:  networxit.net


“We’ve been using Networx IT Solutions for one year and it’s the best move we ever made. Their service is absolutely elite in the industry. Issues are typically resolved within 15 minutes and we’ve never had a bad experience. I would highly recommend Networx IT to anyone seeking a managed hosted solution.” – Lucas Reid

Kontech IT Services 

5 Best IT Support in Philadelphia 5

Kontech IT services provide an extensive list of IT support services to choose from. They specialize in boosting the data security of small and mid-sized companies. The team handling the company ensures that the systems run smoothly. Furthermore, they allow customers to regain control of their network. They allow clients to focus on the core competencies of the company. Their services include managed IT services, data security, and IT infrastructure. They also provided a help desk that allows IT support to fix issues promptly. In addition, they have available emergency support 24/7.

Products/ Services:

IT support, help desk, cloud computing, data security


Address: 2112 Chancellor St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone:  (267)-960-0257
Website: kontech.net


”Konrad visited us and was able to solve a tricky network cabling issue that others were not able to fix. Plus, he explained why it happened and what else we could do to optimize our network equipment and cabling. Friendly, super intelligent guy we would welcome back to our premises any time for additional work as needed. Highly recommended.” – Adam Schran