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Interview with John Cardillo, champion bodybuilder, training innovator, and Transformational Mastery guru

John Cardillo has worn a lot of hats over his life, but from being a champion Canadian Bodybuilder, to a trainer and gym owner, his passion for fitness has always remained consistent. John is still making waves in the Fitness industry today and is sharing his insight with a whole new generation of fitness enthusiasts.

John was kind enough to take some time out of his day to answer a few questions.

Hello John, could you give us a brief history of your bodybuilding career and how you started managing gyms?

I started bodybuilding at 15 and started competing at 17, when I won my first Ontario Junior Championship. The following year, I won the Senior Ontario bodybuilding championship. I am still the youngest winner of the Ontario senior bodybuilding championships. Then the following year I won the junior Canadian championships.

I decided to retire from bodybuilding at 23, because of the excessive steroid use I saw and didn’t want to get into. As a young bodybuilder, I got a job at a gym, because I liked the atmosphere and helping people. I found it gratifying, and I decided I wanted to make my career.

Seeing people get results and how they appreciated what I was doing for them was a great experience. I got into the fitness business because I wanted to do something I enjoyed for the rest of my life, which has been the case. I think fitness is a critical part of people living longer, feeling better and having a more positive life. I promote the fitness lifestyle to everyone I come into contact with.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your career accomplishments and your experiences training others/giving your expertise?

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I do not do drugs, and I think that clean living is the only lifestyle worth living. I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives by helping them become healthier, lose weight, and get back their self-esteem by leaving behind their bad habits and adopting healthy habits.

People find that exercise helps ground them and helps them succeed in a lot of other aspects of their lives. Also, helping young people get in into the health and fitness field has been gratifying for me. This is an incredible field that can be very rewarding if people get into it for the right reasons – to help others get healthier and more fit.

Your HIT3 program is very impactful for people who want to maximise muscle growth, how long did it take you to develop it and where can people learn how to implement it themselves?

My HIT3 workout system is good for anybody wanting to get fit, get stronger and increase lean muscle. Men, women and athletes can use this program. It will benefit anyone who is using free weights or exercise machines to work out. It is really a pathway to getting results from exercise that a lot of people waste their time at, with little in the way of results Lifting weights effectively is about doing it in a certain form, with intensity in order to create impactful results.

Very few trainers understand hi-intensity workouts. Some avoid having their clients do this type of training, because they fear it may be too strenuous or too hard, and the client may not want to keep staying on the program. I disagree with that. I think a client will work harder and stay on a program longer if they see better results.

It is only through hi-intensity workouts that results can be achieved, and not by exercising for hours. People stray from working out when they don’t see any visual or appreciable results.

Can you tell us a bit about your books ‘The “Glham” Solution’ and ‘Beyond Ripped…Shredded’?

The GLHAM Solution is a book about how women can improve their backside (their buttocks, hips and hamstrings), the body parts that create the female shape.

It is a step-by-step book on how to exercise each muscle directly, so it gets toned and shapely. Very few people understand how to focus on those individual muscles to affect them.

My diet program, the SHREDDED DIET  is based on the hormonal connection associated with nutrition. It will  teach people how to follow a lifestyle that includes intermittent fasting, and eating foods that supply the body energy and muscle needs, while at the same time starving fat cells, so that you’re not depositing any extra calories to fat cells.

Extra calories being stored in fat cells translates to getting fatter. By eating properly and depriving the fat cells of energy, you can maintain a lean body for your whole life. You do not need to be on a diet when you follow my SHREDDED nutrition program. It is a lifestyle program that makes you healthy, lean and fitter.

Can you tell us any more about the new books/materials you are developing to help people understand/master their fitness game?

I’m working on a book on exercise intensity, my HIT3 workout system. I think it is paramount that people understand that it is the intensity of the exercise performed that will give them results. Without intensity, there are no results. Intensity also means that the exercise will produce results only when there’s enough rest for recuperation between the workout sessions. Performed properly, three intense workout sessions per week will give a person more results than working out six days a week. It is the “proper way” to exercise that’s important, not the quantity of exercise

What kind of coaching material/classes are you hoping to deliver to people?

I know that people who will read my material and follow my programs will get on the right road to achieving their personal results. By working out properly and following my nutrition program will become a way of life for them, rather than just a January New Year’s resolution or a springtime shape-up to get ready for summer. A healthy lifestyle is all about exercise and good nutrition habits. Once a person experiences my programs, they do not go back to overeating, drinking excessively or smoking.