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Indians convert their Androids to iPhones with stickers

Indians who can’t afford the latest iPhone X are instead opting for a cheaper alternative – sticker kits that allow them to place Apple branding on their much cheaper Android handsets.

The Indian cultural phenomenon of jugaad shows people flaunting beyond their means with ramshackle, often humorous attempts to fake luxury products. It also refers to DIY creations that create the same effect as something more expensive, being a testament to human ingenuity.

The iPhone X is a big aspirational target for many young people around the world who view it as a fashion accessory required to ‘fit in’ rather than simply a phone. However, most Indians find themselves unable to afford such an indulgence, with the device being close to $2,068 USD off the shelf.

Since newer iPhone models have become prohibitively expensive for most Indians, the market has responded by supplying a means of faking it. The waterproof stickers are available at pretty much every single mobile vendor across India and are very cheap.

There are two types of stickers, DIY ones for specific models and those that need to be fixed by an expert. The latter needs special cutting to fit the stickers around the various ports on the phone to give the most authentic look possible.

It’s reported that college students are the biggest demographic buying these stickers and that the trend is expected to grow.