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5 Best Independent Book Publishers in New York City🥇

Book publishers are an important part of the publication process, and act as the backbone of the entire operation. Their role is to read through different books that have been sent in and determine which ones are worthy to be published. There are many different book publishers available, especially in New York City.

New York City has almost a stereotypical reputation for producing great writers and because of this, there are many independent book publishers in the location.

While there are many to choose from, only some are the best ones to go with to publish your book. It may be difficult to make a choice due to the number of book publishers available, so here are the 5 best independent book publishers in New York City.

5 Top rated independent book publishers in NYC:

1. Manhattan Book Group

Manhattan Book Group

Manhattan Book Group is based on Broadway in NYC, and combines elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing to create a mix of the best of both worlds. They  guarantee that the publications they choose from you will go on to find places in best seller lists, which means you will have that public recognition no matter what.

2. Bearport Publishing

Bearport Publishing

Bearport Publishing focuses on the publication of books for kids.

They have many publications in this field which have gone on to receive awards and major praise. If your publication is to do with kids and education or entertainment, then Bearport Publishing could be for you.

3. Abbeville Press

Abbeville Press

Abbeville Press is a publisher that focuses on fine art and illustrated books. Founded in 1977, they have produced books of a very high quality and have a very long and distinguished history in the publication field. Their bestselling titles are well known throughout history, and they are a classic and recognizable publisher.

4. Equinox Publishing

Equinox Publishing

Equinox Publishing are an independent academic publisher that was founded in London in 2003. They publish a variety of different types of texts including journals, anthologies, textbooks, monographs and reference books. If your publication is of an academic nature, then Equinox Publishing would be for you.

5. Bellevue Literary Press

Bellevue Literary Press

Bellevue Literary Press publishes works of literary fiction as well as nonfiction in the arts and sciences. They have a number of exceptional pieces of literature which aim to challenge the way the world is thought about and engaged with. For more meaningful and thought provoking publications, Bellevue Literary Press would work well.

These are the 5 best independent book publishers in New York City, based on this rating points list.

They each have their own style of publications, and which one you choose should be largely dependent on what the style of your publication is.