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how to increase moz domain authority

Domain authority is a form of search engine ranking that was developed by Moz, a leading company within search engine optimization fields. A domain authority score will range from 0 to 100, and the closer the number is to 100, the higher the likelihood of the site ranking well. Domain authority is based on data from the entire web and uses a variety of different factors to determine a site’s domain authority score. In this calculation, a machine learning model is used to determine an algorithm which works best for rankings on a huge number of different searches.

Increasing domain authority for your site ultimately will help your website to rank better and increase visibility. When creating content to be optimized for search engine optimization capabilities, linking to sites with a high domain authority can also help to improve these rankings. It is safe to say that domain authority is an important aspect for visibility of a site and its ranking, as well as its capability in search engine optimization. It is something that needs to be considered heavily when focusing on marketing and advertising of your business and brand and should be increased by any means necessary.

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How is domain authority calculated?

Domain authority uses a number of factors, 5 to be exact, in order to calculate. It works by using machine learning predictions in order to create its results. The machine learning determines how often Google is using that certain domain in its search results, and if a domain is more likely to appear than another, then the domain authority for the first domain would be higher than the second one.

As the domain authority score is based on machine learning, it can be expected that the score will likely fluctuate a lot. For example, if a large and popular site were to gain a huge number of new links, then every other site would expect to drop their domain authority score as the larger site is taking up more of the domain slots. For this reason, it is easier for sites with a lower DA score to be able to grow than for sites who already have a relatively high score to be able to increase further, due to the limited amount of domain slots available at these higher levels.

What is considered to be a good domain authority score?

Large and popular sites and sites with a lot of external links to other sites with high domain scores will generally have very good DA scores. In contrast, smaller sites will likely have a lower DA score.

When you first start a website, it will always have a domain score of 1, and this will slowly increase as the site grows. A domain authority score cannot really be categorized into good, average or bad as it is comparative to only other sites in a similar market.

Comparing your small business site to Google or Facebook is not going to be helpful, as you should be comparing your site to other similar businesses which offer the same or similar products and services to you.

How do I increase my domain authority?

Domain authority score is a metric which can definitely be increased through various methods. These methods focus on increasing the overall SEO capability of a website, which in turn will help to increase its domain authority and its ranking.

Structure of a website

The structure of a website is an important part of increasing domain authority score. When the Google algorithm looks at a website, it will look at how the website is structured. A website needs to be professionally structured in a way that is easy to navigate for the user. A professionally structured website will be easy to read with paragraphs, and the text and pictures set out in a way that is easy to navigate. When a user enters a site, it must be easy for them to navigate in order to attract business. A poorly made and structured website will not rank well according to the Google algorithm and will thereby have a poor DA score.

Informative content

A website needs to provide informative content in order to rank well. Informative content needs to be professionally structured and be original, as well as providing information which is useful to the readers. The Google algorithm will take this into account in order to determine your domain authority score. Informative content can come in the form of articles which talk about a topic, as well as blog posts.

These content pieces should have keywords in place which the algorithm can pick up and optimize it for ranking. If a website has informative content, it will rank much better in comparison to a website which does not have any content or any content that is informative.

Trustworthiness of domain

The ranking of a website and its subsequent domain authority score is also determined by its trustworthiness. In the age of the Internet, there are many websites out there which would be considered malicious and aim to cause harm to users in a number of different ways. These could include phishing sites which query a user to input data which is then stolen such as logins and passwords.

Moreover, websites could have viruses embedded into them that can infect computers. These infections can cause a lot of damage and should be avoided entirely.

Therefore, a website must be trustworthy or else it will not rank well on Google and will have a low domain authority score. A website can be determined as trustworthy through a HTTPS tag which tells the user that the website is secure. This tag can be found in the top left of browsers, and the algorithm will take this into account when determining a domain authority score and ranking.

High quality links

High quality links are one of the most important things when looking to increase your DA score. When you first create a content piece, you must ensure that you are structuring it well and that it is informative. On top of this, you must include a number of high quality links.

What makes a link high quality?

A high quality link first off, needs to be relevant to the topic at hand in the content piece. Secondly, the link must lead to a website which also is professional, structured well and is informative. Furthermore, it must have a high domain authority score.

Anything over 60 is a good objective to aim for. This allows the links to link back to your content piece, and the algorithm will pick this up when on its crawl. This will help to contribute towards your ranking and your own domain authority score. It is also imperative that you are able to reduce the number of low quality links.

Often when people do not know much about SEO and DA, they will post low quality links. This can hinder your DA score significantly, and these need to be rectified. Low quality links are defined as those with a low DA score, poorly structured and/or not informative in its content. These links will drag down your DA score as your website will not look professional, and the algorithm will take this into account.

Why does my domain authority change now and then?

Domain authority score is bound to change now and again as previously mentioned in this article. Domain authority can change due to a variety of factors. As mentioned before, domain authority can change whenever a large holder of domain slots buys a huge number of links. This will cause the number of domain slots available to drop significantly and become limited, thereby dropping the domain score of other sites within the same range. Some other factors that can influence domain authority include if the link profile growth of your site has not yet been captured by the web index, if you have earned links which are not contributing towards Google rankings, if our crawl has not included as many as your links as previous crawls did and if your domain authority score is on the lower end and is thereby more affected by scaling fluctuations.

It is important to note that all domain scores are compared to other domains within a similar range, so if a website was to improve its SEO capabilities, it does not mean its DA score will improve accordingly. Because domain authority is based on machine learning, and calculations are constantly being made, even if a website has improved its SEO capabilities, it could still drop in DA score.

Why should I care about my domain authority score?

It is very important to consider your domain authority score. When considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to understand that it is what will determine your ranking on search engines. If your business field is searched, you will want your business to be one of the first showing up in the returned search results. This is because the majority of people who search for something will not enter the second page and will choose from the first page of results.

For example, if you are a plumbing business, and a customer has an issue with their plumbing system, they will google plumber + location. The first page of results is likely where they will choose their plumber, and the higher up on the list the business is, the more likely the customer will choose it.

If your business is ranking on pages beyond page 1, 2 or 3 then you are very unlikely to have any customer traffic to your site. When you start to optimize your site for DA score and SEO capabilities, your business will slowly start to move up the ranks, though this could take some time. However, once your business starts ranking on the front page, you will start to see significantly increased traffic. If you are looking for increased traffic and possible conversions (like all businesses are!), then you should consider increasing your SEO capabilities and increasing your DA score.

Who can help me with my domain authority score?

Digital marketing agencies are the best bet for helping to increase your business’s domain authority score. They have specialized professionals who have the skillset and qualifications to be able to increase this score through their understanding of search engine optimization. Typically, they will be able to conduct an audit of your business and help to determine weak points in your business and what needs to be done to improve your DA score.

Your website’s structure, professionalism, content posted, and the quality of the links posted will be looked at with scrutiny, and a plan can be developed to start changing these aspects to improve your DA score. While paying for a digital marketing agency may seem like a dear cost, it can definitely be worth it when you start to see the benefits.

However, it is very important to remember that SEO and increasing a DA score takes some time, especially if you are not ranking at all. This will likely pay off at around the 6 month mark, when you start to increase in rankings. If you hit the front page, the benefits are great and you will a huge increase in traffic and conversions, and ultimately profits and sales as a result.

In summary, domain authority is an important aspect to consider when looking at business. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when looking to increase your DA score. These factors can take some time to be fixed and adapted to the Google algorithm. However, with each crawl, slowly by slowly, your business will start to rank eventually. The payoff is great and needs to be remembered when you are going through the marathon of ranking your business on the front page of Google and achieving a high domain authority score.