5 Best Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA

5 Best Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA

Below is a list of the top and leading Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA. To help you find the best Hypnotherapy located near you in Philadelphia, PA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Philadelphia, PA’s Best Hypnotherapy:

The top-rated Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA are:

  • Philadelphia Hypnosis Center – take control of your life with hypnosis.
  • Makaristic – showing you the way to joy and happiness.
  • Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic – #1 center for hypnosis in Philadelphia.
  • Viva Healthy Life – holistic and naturopathic doctors in Philly.
  • Plymouth Hypnosis Center – hypnosis therapy solutions to help you overcome your needs.

Philadelphia Hypnosis Center

5 Best Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Hypnosis Center offers professional hypnosis services that will suit all your needs. If you are in Philadelphia, Chester County, Delaware, Bucks, or the surrounding areas, they can provide their services. Philadelphia Hypnosis Center offers a more reliable and accessible form of therapy that will help you deal with and cope with your habits. This center has a team of experienced and effective hypnotists that has a track record of effectively helping patients overcome their anxieties and other hardships. They offer free consultations so that you know what you are getting yourself into and know what to expect when you come in. If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Philly that you can trust, the Philadelphia Hypnosis Center is one of the best centers to start on your journey.

Quit smoking, anxiety, weight loss, nail-biting

Address: 325 Chestnut St Office 851, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: (267) 988-9484
Website: philadelphiahypnosis.com

Frank really helped me with something that was keeping me stuck, which I will keep to myself. For years. The tools he gave me have fundamentally changed me for the better. I recommend Frank to anyone who wants to “reimagine their reality”. – Jim Goodman


The Best Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA

Makaristic offers a multi-dimensional approach in helping people reach awareness and heal their minds. This center offers clients the opportunity to heal their energy through sessions of integrated energy therapy and hypnotherapy. Makaristic knows that each person has the capacity to naturally heal themselves, and they are here to help people realize that potential. Their therapists serve as a bridge between the patient and the vast infinite possibilities of energy and self-healing. They offer one-on-one sessions to help patients get in touch with their inner selves so that they can unlock their self-healing potential effectively.

One-on-one sessions, guided self-study, live workshops, events

Address: 206 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (267) 498-9898
Website: makaristic.com

I do not have enough words to explain how incredible my session was with Lauren. Her presence and energy are so calming, soothing & relaxing. She helped me discover new things I never would have expected about myself, all while keeping me extremely comfortable the entire time. I cannot recommend her enough! – Gabi Coslett

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic

Best Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is part of a well-known and recognized holistic medical center. As Philly’s holistic branch of medicine, they provide alternative treatments and procedures like hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and more. Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is well-known and recognized since its opening in 2000. For over 20 years, this clinic has helped countless patients get better through their well-documented and effective treatments. Services offered are clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, counseling, life coaching, NLP, and more. Their therapists are effective, efficient, and empathetic, and will do their best to help you achieve your optimal state. They will help you clear your mind and overcome conditions like depression, alcoholism, stress, anxiety, and a lot more.

Clinical hypnosis, NLP, psychotherapy, counseling, coaching

Address: 2200 Michener St., Unit #12, Suite #4 Philadelphia, PA 19115
Phone: (215) 621-8434
Website: philahypnosis.com

Dr. Tsan is amazing!! I went to Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic about 5 months ago to quit smoking and haven’t touched a cigarette since, and barely have even had any cravings. The whole process was easy and comfortable. Highly recommend! – Duke Mandela

Viva Healthy Life

Philadelphia, PA Best Hypnotherapy

Viva Healthy Life was established in 1996 by holistic doctor Victor Tsan. Since then, the clinic has grown into a respected and reliable center that has treated thousands of patients with an overwhelming success rate. Viva Healthy Life offers a wide range of holistic services like hypnotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and more. Their therapists are experienced in dealing with pretty much every issue possible and have had consistent success through the years. If you are going through something and would like to get treatment to overcome it, Viva Healthy Life in Philly is one of the prime locations to start your journey back to 100%.

Alternative medicine, holistic cosmetics

Address: 2200 Michener St., Unit #12, Suite 1 Philadelphia, PA 19115
Phone: (267) 403-3085
Website: vivahealthylife.com

I came to this center with almost no hopes, because I’ve been treated by many doctors without any success. The way I’ve been initially greeted was different. In this place, you feel like you are a part of the family. The treatment was successful and this is what is even more important. Great office, great doctors, great service. – Arturo Morris

Plymouth Hypnosis Center

Philadelphia, PA's Best Hypnotherapy

Plymouth Hypnosis Center was established in 2002 with the goal of helping the community of Lafayette and surrounding areas change their lives for the better. For almost 20 years, this wellness center has helped millions of people quit smoking, properly deal with their anxiety, lose weight, and more. Plymouth Hypnosis Center is led by certified hypnotherapist Bryand Toder where they help people slowly overcome their personal challenges. Their hypnotherapy is considered one of the most effective in the state of Indiana and is used to successfully overcome weight loss, smoking, and stress. If you want a safe and natural method of treating your anxiety, stress, or other personal condition, Plymouth Hypnosis Center is ready to help you get back to your normal lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy, weight loss, quit smoking, stress relief, fear, and phobias, sports hypnosis

Address: 401 E. Germantown Pike #201, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
Phone: (610) 397-1515
Website: plymouthhypnosis.com

Never came here before but read all the 1-star reviews and any place that’d stick up for themselves to immature people like that seems 100% and would always get my business. Loved reading the replies. Definitely consider this place. – Jeremiah Noziere