5 Best Hypnotherapists in Charlotte🥇

5 Best Hypnotherapists in Charlotte
A Hypnotherapists and her client.

Below is a list of the top and leading Hypnotherapists in Charlotte. To help you find the best Hypnotherapists located near you in Charlotte, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte’s Best Hypnotherapists:

The top rated Hypnotherapists in Charlotte are:

  • Jennifer Thompson – Jennifer Thompson Hypnotherapy
  • Mark Bell – Charlotte Hypnosis Services LLC
  • Patricia F. Malecki – HypnotherapyCare and Charlotte Hypnotist
  • Kathy Lindert – The Mental Edge LLC
  • Melanie McDonough – Inner Song Hypnosis

Jennifer Thompson Hypnotherapy

Jennifer Thompson - Jennifer Thompson Hypnotherapy
Jennifer Thompson – Jennifer Thompson Hypnotherapy. Source: Screenshot from www.jthypnosis.com

Jennifer Thompson is a certified clinical, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist who received close to two times the industry standard of training from The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (now known as The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy), the first state-licensed school of hypnotherapy in Florida. Jennifer is a member in good standing with The International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists (IAIH) and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Meredith College. She is passionate about her work and feels honored to offer hypnotherapy to you.


Anxiousness, Career Success, Sadness, Fears & Phobias, Procrastination, Relationship Issues, Stress Management, Test Anxiety, Weight Loss


Address: 6845 Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone: (980) 240-1136
Website: www.jthypnosis.com


“I went in to see if Jennifer/Hypnotherapy could help me stop grinding my teeth at night, I came out with tools to help me be more relaxed not just during sleep but all day. It’s like Jennifer already knows you when you walk in the office. Being new to hypnotherapy I didn’t know what to expect, but it was easy, interesting and a wonderful learning experience everyone should try no matter what they struggle with” – Suzanne S.

Charlotte Hypnosis Services LLC

Mark Bell - Charlotte Hypnosis Services LLC
Mark Bell – Charlotte Hypnosis Services LLC. Source: Screenshot from www.charlottehypnosisservices.com

Mark Bell specializing in stress relief hypnosis, life coaching, meditation, NLP, and subconscious behaviorism. Since starting his hypnosis services, he has been able to help over 1,000 people achieve stress relief. Mark makes sure to personalize each program for his clients to make sure that it is targeted to their specific needs. Their services provide clients with guidance and resources to achieve their goals. Their hypnosis services are designed to help with certain issues.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Increase Your Confidence, Sleep Hypnosis, Pain Management Hypnosis, Fears and Phobias, Better Speaking Habits & Presentations, Stress Relief Hypnosis, Depression and Anxiety Hypnosis, Performance Improvement Hypnosis, Achieve Your Goals, Life Coaching Service


Phone: (704) 266-1537
Website: www.charlottehypnosisservices.com


“Mark Bell is a true professional in every way. I highly recommend him to help you lose weight and/or quit smoking. I personally met with Mark on three separate occasions, in order to lose weight. So far, so good: Thanks so much, Mark!” – Neil N.

HypnotherapyCare and Charlotte Hypnotist

Patricia F. Malecki - HypnotherapyCare and Charlotte Hypnotist
Patricia F. Malecki – HypnotherapyCare and Charlotte Hypnotist. Source: Screenshot from www.charlottehypnotist.com

Patricia F. Malecki is a spirited Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Being a Hypnotherapist is so rewarding that it has no equal as far as her concern. Whether she release somebody from a dental or flying phobia, childhood trauma, or anxiety that has been controlling their life, teach a client how to ease her pain or help a teen with focusing at school or enhance someone’s career prospects in some way, it always feels gratifying.

Patricia enjoys dealing with people from all backgrounds and ages and when the client and she find a solution for their issue that has been plaguing them for years, well, that’s happiness for the successful hypnotherapist. She is passionate about establishing a very good rapport with her clients and her empathy is a large part of what makes her great at her work.


Addiction & Smoking Cessation, Academic Hypnosis, Body Image & Weight Issues, Confidence, Fears & Phobias, Self Hypnosis, Grief & Loss, Habits & Disorders, Insomnia & Sleep, Interviews, Pain Management, Personal Development, Remote Hypnosis, Anxiety & Focus, Sports Performance


Address: 10800 Sikes Pl Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (980) 254-7600
Website: www.charlottehypnotist.com


“You will be delighted when you work with the very gifted Patricia Malecki. She is professional, warm, highly trained, and can truly help you shift. I was grateful to receive my sense of taste and smell back after just one session. I had an unfortunate accident that left me with a concussion. I worked with her also to relieve the pain that was left in my body from the accident. Thanks again, Patricia.” – Gina V.

The Mental Edge LLC

Kathy Lindert - The Mental Edge LLC
Kathy Lindert – The Mental Edge LLC. Source: Screenshot from www.mentaledgellc.com

Kathy Lindert an Advanced Certified Hypnotist has over 600 hours of training from the National Guild of Hypnotist and The School of Hypnosis in NJ. Kathy has also been trained to train others in the art of hypnosis and has specialized training in Pediatric hypnosis as well as Pain Management with Hypnosis. She was a licensed Mortgage Banker as well as a Stock Broker before training for hypnosis.

She loves what she does and is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. Kathy feels honored to provide hypnosis to you or your loved ones.


Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Fears


Address: 15720 Brixham Hill Ave ste 300, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 769-3400
Website: www.mentaledgellc.com


“Kathy is definitely my favorite hypnotist! She helped me quit smoking for good, exactly a month ago, today. I know that it does not seem like a long time, but I know, even now, that I will never have another cigarette. She was so easy to talk to, be honest with, and helped me see that I am worth it. Thank you, Kathy, I will forever be in your debt.” – Trevor O.

Inner Song Hypnosis

Melanie McDonough - Inner Song Hypnosis
Melanie McDonough – Inner Song Hypnosis. Source: Screenshot from www.innersonghypnosis.com

Melanie McDonough is a Hypnotherapist, certified with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. It is one of her greatest passions to help others succeed, grow, and overcome their personal hurdles. While living in Charlotte, Melanie discovered the power of hypnosis and guided meditation and chose to leave a full-time job as a civil engineer to pursue hypnotherapy. Melanie has seen so many lives improve and change for the better with hypnotherapy and could not be more confident in this form of holistic healing.

It is her honor to help heal every client that walks through her door by listening in depth to each of their issues and needs and tailoring personalized sessions to address all of them. Melanie specializes in both spiritual and clinical hypnotherapy for overcoming issues and helping clients realize their full potential and transform their lives for the better.


Addiction, Anxiety, Age Regression, Allergies, Attitude, Career Success, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Depression, Dealing with Death or Loss, Emotional Disorders, Exam Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Forgiveness, Finding your Life Purpose, Fertility & Birth, Guided Meditation, Headaches, Habit breaking, Insomnia, Motivation, Migraines, Nightmares, OCD, Overeating, Pain Management, Panic Attacks, Performance Anxiety, Public Speaking, Quit Smoking, Rejection, Relationship Troubles, Self-Esteem, Sexual Problems, Skin Problems, Sleep Disorders, Social Phobias, Stage Fright, Stress, Weight Loss, Womb Regression, Work-Related, Stress, Worrying, Writers Block


Address: 4814 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: (412) 526-6029
Website: www.innersonghypnosis.com


“Melanie is wonderful. I feel I have resolved several issues with my past to allow me to move forward with my weight loss and find inner peace. I would highly recommend inner song hypnosis! Thank you, Melanie!” – Mary K.