5 Best Hurricane Cleanup in Orlando, FL

5 Best Hurricane Cleanup in Orlando, FL

Occasionally, Orlando Florida is hit by a hurricane. As one of the most hurricane-prone locations in the US, residents must be prepared for this. When this happens, many things can be destroyed, from smaller objects to larger-scale destruction. After a hurricane has ended, there is usually a great deal of cleanup that is required.

Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in instigating this cleanup process in an efficient and safe manner. These are some of the best hurricane cleanup companies to go to in Orlando Florida.

Top Rated Hurricane Cleanup Services in Orlando, FL

#1 Southeast HighwayA team from a hurricane cleanup company moving a tree in Orlando Florida.

Southeast Highway coordinate and work closely with county governments of places that are prone to hurricanes. They have years of experience in the process of hurricane cleanup and are renowned for doing a thorough job.

Responsible for the cleanup of 17 counties and a portion of the Florida Turnpike Enterprise Authority’s roadways, Southeast Highway is there for Florida during hurricanes, tropical storms, and a range of other natural disasters. 24/7 emergency services mean that Southeast Highway will be able to come to your rescue whenever it is that disaster strikes.

For a company that you can trust to take care of your community in the event of disaster, Southeast Highway are the top recommended hurricane cleanup business in Orlando Florida.

#2 Plowz & MowzA storm damaged street in Orlando that needs cleanup after a hurricane.

Plowz & Mowz offer outdoor home services in the Florida area, including hurricane cleanup. Dealing with hurricanes can be a stressful process, and Plowz & Mowz hope to take some of that stress off you.

Once you are safe from the storm, Plowz & Mowz will set to work putting your home back in order. Fallen branches, trees, debris, and more are common occurrences in the aftermath of a hurricane, and Plowz & Mowz are some of the best people to clean it up. They are dedicated to taking care of your lawn all year round and will restore it back to its glory.

#3 GrasshoppersAn uprooted tree from a hurricane cleanup in Orlando Florida.

Grasshoppers can help with cleanup after hurricanes, storms, hail, and more. As a lawn maintenance and landscaping company, they specialize in restoring the outdoor area of your home. No matter what debris the hurricane has left in your Orlando garden, Grasshoppers will be there to sort it all out.

You can even give them pre-approval with a storm cleanup plan. This will give you the peace of mind that you are in good hands and that your property will be back to normal as soon as possible after a hurricane has hit.

#4 Master RestorationA garden in Orlando needing cleanup after a hurricane.

Master Restoration offers comprehensive storm damage cleanup in the Orlando area. The debris that is left after a hurricane can be potentially dangerous, and with their top priority being safety, Master Restoration will work quickly and carefully to remove it. The team of licensed contractors are experienced professionals and they will ensure that the process of hurricane cleanup is as smooth and efficient as possible.

They also aim to remove the risk of falling ill after a storm due to factors such as asthma or chemicals. With 24/7 emergency response, Master Restoration are a reliable and knowledgeable team of hurricane cleanup experts in Florida.

#5 McCullough Tree ServiceA tree on a car from a hurricane that needs cleanup.

McCullough Tree Service specializes in tree cleanup after a hurricane or storm. Branches are likely to fall in high winds, and entire trees may even be swept up in a hurricane. If a branch or tree is obstructing your area after a hurricane, McCullough Tree Service can clean it up.

3 certified arborists are on duty at the business and are highly experienced in dealing with trees. For tree removal or tree trimming after a hurricane, McCullough Tree Service is one of the best in Orlando and in Florida as a whole.


Safety is the number one priority in a hurricane. Not only does the hurricane itself pose risks, but the aftermath as well. It is important, once a hurricane has ended, to ensure that cleanup is executed quickly and professionally. This will restore your property and your community to its former glory and ensure that you can move on with your life safely. Whether the damage is minimal or will require a great amount of cleanup, these 5 best hurricane cleanup businesses are trusted by countless residents in Orlando Florida due to their expert comprehensive services.