How Tulsa Black Owned Business Network (BOBN) is helping local Tulsa businesses through the downturn

Tulsa Black Owned Business Network

The United States has been one of the worst-affected developed nations to be hit by the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus), and as society adjusts to the new paradigm of lockdown, business owners all around he US are suffering tremendously. The worst affected are small business owners, and the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma has definitely felt the sting of the downturn with the rest of the nation.

However, it’s not all bad news. The Tulsa Black Owned Business Network Inc. (BOBN), having a well-deserved reputation for helping Black and African American business owners in the local Tulsa community, isn’t sitting idle. They assist local businesses owned by people of colour access equity, network with one another, and market their businesses online (including social media channels like Facebook and Instagram).

In the wake of the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, BOBN has done well to not only keep itself afloat but be the linchpin of the Black and African American owned business community. Standing strong as a beacon in the storm, BOBN is a reassuring and impactful presence in the Tulsa business community that provides peace of mind to Black and African American business owners in the knowledge they aren’t alone, and that their community is going to not only survive the downturn but bounce back from it even stronger.

Angela K. Chambers
Angela K. Chambers

Co-founder and President of BOBN, Angela K. Chambers, said that “We really think that, while this is a time of uncertainty and panic for many Black and African American business owners in Tulsa, together we will not only survive COVID-19, but bounce back and recover quickly. Tulsa residents are tough, and as long as we stick together, everything will turn out well in the end.”

She added that “Our fixed-fee advertising packages are being used by many local Black and African American business owners who have (smartly) pivoted to digital marketing during the lockdown.”