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How to Find Top Online Tutors

With education taking a massive shift towards the online world, it’s never been more important to know how to find top online tutors. There are many services available for finding tutors online, but where do you begin? How do you know that the tutors you find are highly experienced? Our guide can help you simplify the process and ensure that you are receiving the highest standard of education.

7 Steps For Finding Your Perfect Online Tutor

#1 Determine the Subject Area

The very first thing you need to do before you start searching for a tutor is determine which subject area you need help with. This will narrow down your search exponentially. If you are searching for more of an all-round tutor, you will most likely still need to narrow down which subject areas you require the most assistance with.

#2 Identify the Level of Knowledge You Are SeekingWoman sitting on the floor at a desk with a laptop open and a pencil in her hand as she writes notes from her online tutor.

The next thing you need to do to narrow down your search for a tutor is to identify your current level of knowledge. If you are in school, this is fairly easily identified by your year level. If you are not in school, this may be a little more difficult. Consider which specific concepts in the subject area you find difficult and express this to your tutor to ensure that they have knowledge advanced enough to guide you through them.

#3 Ask People You Know

Many people use online tutors in this day and age. A great way to know if you are getting top quality teaching is to ask around! You may know someone else who gets tutoring, whether it’s a friend or a classmate, and they may be able to recommend their tutor to you. Having first hand confirmation that a certain tutor is knowledgeable in a subject area and has effective teaching methods will ensure that you are receiving top quality education.

#4 Browse Available TutorsWoman leaning over her child to click on the laptop open on the table as they browse online tutors.

There are plenty of sites available for browsing available tutors. While some will list the available tutors, others, such as No Fuss Tutors, will also allow you to submit a request for a tutor that meets your needs. This will provide you with some options to explore and gives you the chance to evaluate specific tutors’ qualifications and expertise.

#5 Ask for References

To find out more about the tutors you have found online, ask them to send you some references or proof of their expert teaching skills. Gaining insight into what makes them qualified to teach in a certain subject area will ensure that they have an adequate level of knowledge to communicate complex concepts to you. Hearing from their past students that they have successfully boosted their academic skills will also give you the peace of mind that you have found a tutor who will push you to do your best.

#6 Get an Example Lesson PlanWoman standing at a board writing maths equations from her online tutor

Every teacher has a different teaching style. If you are still unsure that the tutor you have found is right for you, ask them for an example of a lesson plan. Allow them to give you insight into how they conduct their lessons and the methods that they use for teaching. Some tutors may also offer you a free lesson so that you can get a feel for their style and ensure that they are right for you and how you learn.

#7 Monitor Your Improvement

Once you have begun lessons with a tutor, it’s important to monitor how you are progressing. If you have been seeing them for some time and still struggle to understand the concepts you aimed to clarify or if you are seeing no improvement in your results, it may be time to consider switching tutors. Everyone learns differently and no teacher is perfect for everyone. Keep searching until you find the tutor that helps you reach your full potential.