Want To Be The Best Leader You Can Be? How To Find The Best Communication Coaching Program

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When you confuse, you lose. Do you struggle find the right way to begin your message?  Do you have long ramps up to your point? Do you have some tough crowds? It can be hard to clearly communicate exactly what you want to say. With a communication coaching program like Speak by Design University, you can easily find yourself speaking to co-workers and clients with natural ease. Be crisp, clear, and compelling with the help of professional communication experts. Here are the factors that distinguish an excellent communication coach program from a bad one.

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Variety in your program schedule

You need to have options to choose from when it comes to finding the best communication coaching program. At Speak by Design University, they offer an abundance of different teaching options such as private coaching, group training, and video recorded lessons to suit your fancy. They also include a monthly lesson and theme, giving you updated information on communication from various business leaders. With these many options, you can find a lesson plan that suits your learning style. Whether you are a visual, theoretical, or practical learner, you can benefit by having a classroom that allows you to adapt to different teaching methods.

Decent price range within your budget 

You need to make sure you get your bang for your buck. Speak by Design University offers a jam-packed package of different coaching lessons for a small percentage of the price of the traditional coaching programs. You get to network with keynote speakers and communication professionals to speedily improve your communication skills. With this many benefits, the spending is definitely worth it.

Experienced and dependable coaches 

You need coaches who are not only professionals but can support you during your working journey. The team at Speak by Design University has a great selection of experienced and dependable coaches who can help you get where you want to go in the business world. They will be able to work with you one to one or in a group making sure they are at your service for any queries you have or advice you need.

Control over your schedule 

As the program is virtual, you get to choose when and where you have your lessons. Every month you set your schedule through a digital calendar and can choose different coaches or stay with the same coach. With Speak by Design University, you won’t have to worry about your juggling more than you can handle. You set the pace.  They have over 50+ learning modules in their vault for you to view at your discretion.

Group Coaching and Training with the Founder, Stephanie Bickel

Every week Stephanie is hosting group calls with members to share her systems and help them learn from one another.  The calls are around topics like: Be Interesting, The Confident Mindset, Growing Followership, Becoming the Trusted Advisor, Connection, and Inspirational Leadership. The community is a loyal one. Speak by Design University members are also invited to two half day group trainings per month to learn the Lead by Design method.

It is important to consider the key factors of the expertise, autonomy, community, and breadth of topics in choosing the right communication coaching program. Speak by Design University is the perfect program that is tailor-made to your learning ability and your schedule. Speak well, and you’ll forever have your peace.