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How The Inspiring Up-And-Coming Collective Community Church Is Changing Lives

The Collective Community Church is quickly becoming one of the most significant churches in the community due to their commitment to unity, deliverance and discipleship. The emphasis that they place on a love for God that is expressed through community is attracting many to join them in worship. Their dedication to spreading the love for God throughout and helping others to find this love has inspired many and is part of the reason that they are one of the most noteworthy up-and-coming churches.

The Three PillarsHands in prayer resting on a Holy Book including the three pillars of the Collective Community Church.

The first reason that the Collective Community Church has become so well-known is the three pillars that their faith is based on. Unity, deliverance and discipleship form the foundations of their faith and it is this focus that makes the Church so special.


The Collective Community Church’s first belief basis is unity. They believe that Christianity is a “team sport” and that it is the sharing in faith and the participating in community that makes God’s love so special. They believe in supporting each other and coming together to further God’s Kingdom.


The pillar of deliverance places emphasis on the freedom from sin that is promised to God’s followers. The Church encourages people to use the knowledge of this freedom throughout their lives.


Discipleship is the knowledge that as a Christian, you are devoted to God and is a pillar that encourages followers to commit to the Lord’s teachings.

Core ValuesA group of people standing in a line with hands out practicing the core values of the Collective Community Church.

Love, worship, sharing, knowledge, taking action, community and righteousness are the core values of the Collective Community Church. An emphasis on each of these values ensure that the Church take a well-rounded and admirable approach to following God and His teachings. They focus on following His word and inspiring others to do the same. It is these core values that are encouraging so many people to join them in their mission.

Pastor Damon Davis

The Senior Pastor at the Collective Community Church is Pastor Damon Davis. Damon’s inspiring leadership and commitment to the Church attracts many to his services. His approach aims to drive authentic positive change in society through the message of Jesus. He meets people from all walks of life and welcomes them, encouraging them to leave their old ways and join the Church to serve God. Damon is particularly passionate about helping young adults in urban communities find their love for Jesus, much like he did. Discovering his love for Jesus changed Damon’s life and he aims to do the same for others. With his wife Malissa by his side, Damon leads the Collective Community Church and the SimpleFolk Network to encourage followers of God to better their communities in practical and positive ways.

ResourcesA woman sitting on a bed looking at a laptop on her lap watching the resources from the Collective Community Church.

The Collective Community Church increases their outreach through a variety of resources that aim to inspire people from around the world to discover God’s love. With a variety of podcasts and YouTube videos, they are spreading their message and creating positive change in communities everywhere.

With a focus on helping communities through the power of God and His love, it’s no surprise that the Collective Community Church is quickly becoming one of the most influential and well-respected churches. Their mission to spread God’s message in a way that positively influences society and inspires people to be better is an extremely admirable one that attracts many people to them. There’s no doubt that the Collective Community Church has a bright future and will continue to spread love through the word of God.