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How Cowen Partners can deliver a tailor-made for you

Cowen Partners is a national executive search firm based in the US. They help to deliver tailor-made solutions to their clients providing the top 1% of individuals fit to run a company in positions of leadership and power. There are only a few individuals around out of the majority of the workforce who have the skills, experience and qualifications, as well as the proven track record, to run a company well in a position of power.

Cowen Partners works with a variety of different clients, from small sized clients to large, pre-IPO and non-profit organizations.

The clients are usually made up of between $50 million to multi-billion dollar revenue streams, as well as having assets worth well over $500 million onwards. It is a company that serves nationally, and has locations across the country including Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Washington. It is obvious to see that Cowen Partners deals with top companies looking for executives to continue their success.

Cowen Partners is able to deliver a tailor made solution based on their past experiences of success, helping to place top executive officers into sectors such as credit unions, medical technology, banks, private universities and home builders. Their success is based on their top of the line information and expertise they have which is counted as industry leading resources. The company is made up of a number of consultants who have serious experience in numerous sectors and industries, working with industry leaders and huge companies.

Their successful placements have included positions of CEO, COO, CFO, Vice President, General Counsel and so many more. The tailor made solutions are based on this expertise and experience, and as such it can take them only 38 days on average to find a perfect suitable candidate for your needed position in your company.

While this sounds unbelievable, Cowen Partners boasts a 100% client satisfaction rating, and provides a year long replacement guarantee in the rare case that the candidate does not work out.

Because Cowen Partners has so many locations in central business hubs across the country, these tailor made solutions are easily accessible to any company requiring executive individuals, and the power of the Internet has made it easier than ever to connect and do business.

It is easy to see that Cowen Partners can deliver tailor-made solutions for you that are perfect matches for your company. Their past track record is enough to prove this, and as such they should be trusted for your business.