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How Caroline Hobbs of Reward Realty Is Carving Out the Future of the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry continues to evolve and develop each and every day. Real estate brokers such as Caroline Hobbs, founder of Reward Realty, are aware of this and their expert knowledge allows them to adapt to the market and create exemplary solutions for their clients. Hobbs in particular is known for putting clients first and doing everything in her power to provide them with the best possible solutions for their real estate needs.

Caroline Hobbs has a background in real estate and the passion for it runs in her blood. Her mother sold new homes and she is now continuing the legacy and following in her footsteps to consistently help people find their perfect home. Hobbs’ passion for helping clients achieve their goals has made her business one of the best in Silicon Valley and one that people trust to deliver outstanding results.

Founded in 2013, Reward Realty has a reputation of putting the client first and striving to go above and beyond to help them either buy or sell their house (or both!) They have become one of the forerunners of the industry and continue to utilize technology to push the industry forward and create smoother and more efficient processes for clients. With the commitment to innovation and achieving client goals shown by Hobbs and her team, it’s no surprise that they have created a reputation for themselves as the future of the real estate industry.

Hobbs and her team of agents’ extensive knowledge of the market is part of what makes the business so renowned. Hobbs notes that COVID 19 has contributed to changes in the market and has been dedicated to noticing and accounting for these changes. Home offices have become a necessity as people are working from home and people will no longer pay as much for condos that are close to work as they no longer need to commute there. People are looking for homes with more space and single family homes are making a return in most areas. Hobbs outlines that since January 2021, homes have been selling for around 117% of the asking price. This trend does not appear to be ending soon and Hobbs attributes low inventory, record low interest rates and work for home lifestyles as the primary reasons for this.

As for prices in the Bay Area, Hobbs does not see them dropping any time soon. The Bay Area is home to a number of large and profitable companies, meaning that most people who live in the area are employed. Job opportunities, particularly high-paying ones, correlate heavily with the high housing prices of the area.

Caroline Hobbs’ knowledge of all of these factors and her dedication to being aware of how factors such as this effect the housing market are part of what make her such a unique and innovative broker. With a successful career that only continues to grow, Hobbs and her business Reward Realty are ensuring that the real estate industry is in good hands.