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How Anne Smith is fighting to clear her daughter’s name with a book and docuseries called “CLEAR HER NAME”

The legal system is something that everyone thinks they can depend on when it matters most. However, Anne Smith will be the first to tell you that the system is not only imperfect but often corrupt and ineffective.

Anne went through hell with two major legal cases that left her $40,000 poorer when everything was said and done. One of these cases saw her daughter convicted in a criminal matter in which Anne believes a corrupt prosecutor acted corruptly and provided false evidence.

A lot of the money she lost was due to being scammed and misled by self-titled legal experts who preyed on her ignorance and her faith in the system to provide just outcomes.

This experience was traumatizing and humiliating for Anne, but she never gave up. Instead, she has bounced back and over the last 7 years become her own expert in legal research.

She eventually founded the Facebook group Iron Sharpens Iron Council, which is a legal advocacy community for people like her who want to take legal research into their own hands. Through the group, people learn to become more self-determined and not rely on corrupt systems.

It’s all about empowerment, and despite her challenges, Anne is more empowered than she has ever been. The platform she has built is now finally allowing her to help her daughter by seeking funding for a book and docuseries about the case called “CLEAR HER NAME”.

Clearing her daughter’s name and putting things right is Anne’s primary goal. However, through her work to get where she is, Anne has also helped thousands of other people become stronger than they were before.

You can find Anne’s Instagram page here. She is accepting donations for those who want to help realize the creative vision of “CLEAR HER NAME”.

Watch this video with Anne Smith:

“When people who love peace become as organized as people who love war, change can happen. It’s my vision to grow Mission Possible Workshop into a strong community with people who will work together for peace and truth-in-justice.” – Anne Smith