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5 Best High Performance Coaches

If you are looking to build your mental resilience and optimize the way that you perform day-to-day, you may be in need of a high performance coach. These individuals specialize in giving you the techniques to take control of your life and accomplish your goals. Here are our top 5 performance coaches.

#1 Michael Legge

Michael Legge is a Mindhealth Coach who specializes in helping his clients clear clutter from their mind so that they can focus on achieving their goals and living a happy and successful life. He also trains other coaches. He understands that self-doubt and lack of confidence are some of the key factors that hold us back from going after what we want in life and has developed the Mind Health Program to equip people with the techniques needed to combat this. The unique program runs for 8 weeks and consists of six modules that will reinvigorate your relationship with your headspace and help you create a mindset that will allow you to take charge of your life.

#2 Brendon Burchard

High Performance Coach Brendon Burchard has over a decade of experience in helping people find motivation and the understanding that their lives matter. With over 20 online personal development courses specializing in motivation, confidence, habits, productivity, and influence, Brendon has quickly become one of the world’s best-loved performance coaches. His motto is to live, love and matter and he has several books available that aim to guide people towards achieving these values.

#3 Elliot Roe

Elliot Roe has a goal of helping people reach their full potential in life. He believes that mindset is the key to unlocking this potential and building the courage to face each day with focus and determination. If you are looking to make better decisions, perform well under pressure, become a leader, or generally be a better version of yourself, Elliot’s programs can help. He also has a podcast where he shares some of his tips and strategies.

#4 Lachlan Stuart

Coach Lachlan Stuart is the founder of The Man That Can Project and specializes in helping men from all walks of life improve their confidence and reach their full potential. With both online and in person options available, the program offers a community approach to developing the attributes needed to live a fulfilled life. The main focus is on 8 areas of life: finances, physical health, mental & emotional health, lifestyle, love life, career, family & friends and growth & spirituality. It is these areas that Lachlan helps men master to give them a well-rounded approach to optimal performance.

#5 Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz wants to help you have it all. With a commitment to helping you be the best version of yourself, he works closely with his clients to guide them in developing the skills needed to navigate life’s challenges. For those feeling unfulfilled, he offers a range of performance coaching services that aim to get you back on track and getting the most out of life. Transforming your mindset and your habits is the key to this and Daniel has plenty of advice to help you do this.