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Everything You Need To Know About HOLT

There are times when excessive reliance on technology can become a crutch rather than a boost. Some consumer-facing industries, particularly in hospitality and tourism have become too reliant on 1s and 0s and lost the fundamental principle of the business – taking care of your customer.

This ‘concern for the customer’ sets luxury rental company HOLT apart from its peers in the fast-growing short term rental business. Combining convenience with traditionalism, this technology-forward enterprise is headed by experienced business owners Benjamin Earley and Ioana Holt. For HOLT, the motto fits right in the logo, as an acronym for Helping Others Live & Travel. The business makes its mark by combining classic 5-star hotel style service with the trappings of a tech-enabled start up.

The properties offered by HOLT are works of art unto themselves, designed from the ground up purely for a luxury short-term stay experience. HOLT seeks out unique properties in cities of their choosing before converting them into unforgettable residences. Stylish, yet always comfortable, HOLT’s service is only matched by its offering: incredible rooms and homes for those who prefer to filter their shopping lists by “price-descending”. For what is great service without the product to match.

Guests can experience all that HOLT has to offer by booking their properties directly from their website located in Aspen, Colorado, in San Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca de Juárez in Mexico and in Bucharest, Romania. HOLT has plans to enter Medellín, Colombia, la Costa del Sol in Spain and Dubai in 2022. In all their locations, you can expect to find a mix of the best local and international touches adorning their interiors.

HOLT demonstrates commitment to an age-old principle: know thy customer.

HOLT contact details:

Website: www.helloholt.com

Phone: +1 (929) 301-8887

E-mail: [email protected]

HOLT Reviews

TrustPilot Reviews:


Holt is such an amazing team and they have the best places to stay and feel like home! It’s very nice!!“source

Beautiful house and great hospitality

Our stay at HOLT’s place was incredible. The house is huge, perfect for large groups, and it is beautifully decorated. The bedrooms, beds, & pillows were super comfy. The Holt team was very helpful and super responsive, they were always available to help with anything we needed. I can highly recommend this property to any large group visiting Oaxaca.” – source

Our family just spent a wonderful week…

Our family just spent a wonderful week in Oaxaca. The staff with HOLT provided the best customer service/hospitality from the moment we booked our home until we departed. The home was beautiful, convenient, and clean. I highly recommend this home.” – source

Incredible service

Incredible service, 24/7 customer service, high quality and very unique properties and just the best trip planning services!” – source

Fantastic hotel and friendly staff

We had a lovely time at the Holt hotel, the hotel was bright clean and modern in a lovely area of the city and spotless throughout. The room was clean and comfortable, lovely bed and bathroom, room had a lovely sunny balcony and great aircon too. Loved the room and the hotel and hope to stay again.” – source

Facebook Reviews:

5 out of 5 stars – vote – source