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5 Best Handmade Textile Shops

Handmade textiles such as scarves, cloths, pillows, curtains, clothing, and more are beautiful additions to any home. No matter what style you like, these 5 stores have a range of gorgeous products that you’re sure to love.

At Ichcha, their mission is to emphasize the value of Indian handmade textiles. The store is run by sisters Rachna, Ruchika, and Monika who developed the business after going on a tour of India to learn more about the history and craftsmanship involved in making textiles. The store sells a range of beautiful textiles from scarves to curtains to pillows that are designed by the sisters. They also work with a range of artists in India and sell their products in the store with 100% of the profits going back to them. They hope that everyone remains conscious of the environment and continues to support creators who need it most.

#2 AlamwarA hand on a handmade textile cloth.

Textile store Alamwar has a deep understanding of the significance of handmade textiles in many cultures. They continue to honor and support generations of weavers, embroiderers, dyers, and other kinds of artisans. The store has a focus on honoring tradition and maintaining sustainable means of production. Their collections are extremely popular and showcase a range of styles and products. Operating for over 20 years, they are one of the worlds’ go-to stores for intricately designed textiles.

#3 The KindcraftA handmade Indian textile bag in a shop.

A global platform for ethical design, The Kindcraft not only have a store full of handcrafted products, but a magazine and newsletter that showcase various designers and items. With a passion for celebrating different cultures and supporting the designs, the ethical brand continues to deliver gorgeous products from around the world. Their range of clothing, accessories, and home goods is sure to have something for everyone and all of the products make great additions to any home.

#4 Vritti DesignsTwo men working in a handmade textile shop with cloths around them.

Vritti Designs aims to blend traditional techniques with modern trends. ‘Vritti’ means a serene wave that emerges from the mind, eliminating disturbances and allowing you to find peace. The store sells Indian designs, hoping to showcase the range of skill and talent that emerges from traditional crafts. They support and encourage local artists while providing customers all over the world with a range of beautiful textiles and art for their homes.

#5 Marigold LivingA handmade scarf textile for sale in an online shop.

Marigold Living was created from a deep love and appreciation for unique Indian handmade textiles. Their founder grew up in Mumbai and was surrounded by the traditional textile practices of India. The store now brings these works of art to customers around the world. With a focus on supporting local Indian artisans, you can be sure that with Marigold Living, you are getting the most authentic handmade textiles all while supporting the communities in which they come from.