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Haitham Elmeligy discusses his store, the Bluenblack Store

Haitham Elmeligy is the founder of Bluenblack Store, an online retailer of a wide variety of home-based products. The team consists of enthusiastic web developers and entrepreneurs, all of whom are driven by the goal of providing web customers with a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. At the end of the day, it’s all about convenience, practicality and enjoyment!

Haitham was able to answer a few of our questions about the business and the industry.

Haitham, where did the idea for Bluenblack come from?

The idea for BluenBlack originated a few years ago. One of the big changes in the world of shopping is the emergence of exclusively online retailers. The simple fact of the matter is customers want convenience when they shop. That’s not to say that the traditional shopping experience is obsolete and dead; there will always be a place for the traditional shopper. However, the modern shopper wants choice, and that’s where the idea came from – giving the customer choice. Bluenblack is a one-stop shop, where customers have access to a wide variety of practical and useful items at low prices.

What makes Bluenblack different to other online retailers?

We understand that there are a lot of online retailers in the industry. This sector of the economy is certainly growing, and it will continue to grow for many years to come. As a result, it’s important to differentiate what you offer, and in doing this, we appeal to two different customer needs: affordability and practicality.

On the one hand, we know that customers value practical shopping. Therefore, we offer high quality products across a wide variety of product categories. Customers don’t have to go looking for what they need, they simply need to come to us. Long gone are the days of hours spent on your computer, shopping mindlessly for that one product. Likewise, we also appreciate affordability. Because of this, we offer free shipping on our products.

How important is entrepreneurial skill in your industry?

If you want to thrive and succeed in the world of online commerce, you need to have some entrepreneurial spirit. It can take time and effort to improve your business skills and acumen. What is crucial, however, is that you are always looking to improve. Innovation and passion are vital to the success of online commerce businesses.

Which products do you find are the most popular?

We offer high quality goods in several key consumer categories like clothing, shoes, electronics, kitchenware and health and beauty items. Since we began operating, we have found that our electronics goods are very popular. This is because they are some of the cheapest in the industry and electronic products are notorious for being expensive, especially if you go to your local tech store. We offer smart watches, cables, earphones, headphones and many other great electronic goods.

How do you stay ahead of the industry?

Online commerce retailers are dynamic and always changing. Sometimes, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all the changes. In our team, we put a high value on innovation, research and development, and general market research. You never know when you might find a new product worth retailing or a new production process that could significantly lower your costs. We want to be able offer our goods at low prices, while maintaining standards and high quality.

How to do you uphold quality?

Quality is obviously an important consideration for our business. We have effective and reliable quality assurance programs to ensure that our products are fit for use and sale. We offer reliable buyer protection, which is a set of guarantees that ensure that our buyers can shop with confidence. We offer compensation or a refund if:

  • The product is not as described
  • The product you received is defective or a fake
  • The product did not arrive on time (as stipulated by the seller)

What payment methods do you receive?

We accept PayPal and a wide variety of credit cards. PayPal is a safe, reliable and easy way to send money online, especially for those who are hesitant to share credit card details online. Customers should be aware that PayPal e-check generally takes around 3-5 business days to be confirmed. We recommend PayPal because it is easier to trace your purchase.

What is your refund and returns policy?

You can cancel your order up until the point it has been shipped. If you have been charged for your purchase, make sure you contact us within 12 hours to get it sorted. Once shipping and packaging has been processed, the order is final and cannot be cancelled. We cannot provide a refund due to factors within your control. If your order does not arrive because you gave the wrong address, then a refund cannot be provided.

Thank you Haitham for your time!
You can follow up with Haitham Elmeligy at https://bluenblack.com


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