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Best Gynecologists in Chicago

Below is a list of the top and leading Gynecologists in Chicago. To help you find the best Gynecologists located near you in Chicago, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list

Chicago’s Best Gynecologists:

The top rated Gynecologists in Chicago are:

  • Dr. Nicole E. Williams – The Gynecology Institute of Chicago
  • Dr. Dawn McGee – The Association for Women’s Health Care
  • Dr. Gregory W. Chen – Progressive Care for Women
  • Dr. JeeYoon Park – Northwestern OB.GYN Consultants
  • Dr. Elena M. Kamel – The Women’s Group of Northwestern

The Gynecology Institute of Chicago

Dr. Nicole E. Williams - The Gynecology Institute of Chicago
Dr. Nicole E. Williams – The Gynecology Institute of Chicago

Dr. Nicole E. Williams has an extensive research background . She was a National Institutes of Health research grant recipient in plasmid DNA research during medical school and also presented research on Intravenous Leiomyomatosis at the University of Chicago. During her training, Dr. Williams earned a certificate in Female Sexual Dysfunction from world renowned sexual Psychologist Dr. Domeena Renshaw at Loyola University based on the principles of Masters and Johnson. Dr. Williams also served as a representative at the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) conference where she presented research on patient safety.

Active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), she has served as the Junior Fellow Illinois Section Chairperson and was appointed to a national position on the International Affairs Committee. Dedicated to the welfare of women, Dr. Williams has traveled to the Dominican Republic, Rwanda, Haiti, Cambodia, The Phillippines, and Ghana to perform necessary gynecologic surgery.


Fibroids, Laser Vaginal Therapy, Robotic Surgery, Heavy Periods, Urinary Incontinence, Labiaplasty, Acupuncture/Pelvic Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Holistic Nutritionist, Fertility Testing, Menopause


Address1147 S Wabash Ave #200, Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: (312) 929 9191
Website: www.gynecologyinstitute.com


“All my visits at this place were great. The staff is very attentive and I was attended at the time of appointment without any delays. I visited Wabash Ave facility. Doctors have good knowledge and understanding of the subject. All my questions were patiently answered by Sarah & Dr. Williams and proper guidance was given for future steps. It is one of the best places for women health in downtown. Highly recommended.” -Rajani Sharma

The Association for Women’s Health Care

Dr. Dawn McGee - The Association for Women's Health Care
Dr. Dawn McGee – The Association for Women’s Health Care

Dr. Dawn McGee offers comprehensive healthcare to women in Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois, at The Association for Women’s Health Care. She is particularly focused on screening and treating abnormal bleeding, abnormal PAP smears, and sexually-transmitted diseases. Dr. McGee offers women her expert support during adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. She’s also quite knowledgeable about fibroids, uterine ablation, contraception, abnormal periods, hormone replacement therapy, laparoscopy, urinary tract infections, and vaginitis.

Dr. McGee graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. She received her medical school education from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee, and did her internship and residency at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia.


Abnormal Pap Smear, Menopause, Birth Control, Osteoporosis, Colposcopy, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Pregnancy, Gynecology, HPV, Ultrasound, Urinary Incontinence, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hysterectomy, Physical Therapy, Genetic Testing, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Endometrial Ablation, IUD, Infertility, Essure


Address30 N Michigan Ave #300, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312) 448 7211
Website: www.chicagoobgyn.com


“I’ve been going to Dr. McGee for over ten years. She is so friendly and down to earth that I actually enjoy my visits because of our chats. She’s a wonderful doctor but also a wonderful person and it really shows in the time and care she takes with her patients!” -Suzy P

Progressive Care for Women

Dr. Gregory W. Chen - Progressive Care for Women
Dr. Gregory W. Chen – Progressive Care for Women

Dr. Gregory W. Chen – As one of the founding physicians of Progressive Care for Women in downtown Chicago, board-certified gynecologist Gregory W. Chen, MD, offers over 20 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.

Dr. Chen received his Bachelor of Science from Duke University and his medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He completed his specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of South Florida where he was named Chief Resident. After completion of his residency, Dr. Chen became an attending physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is currently an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.


Gynecology, Contraception, Abnormal Bleeding, CoolSculpting, Preconception, Infertility, Menopause, Botox, Early Pregnancy, Ultrasound, Genetic Testing, Laser Hair Removal, PCOS, Fribroid, Abnormal Pap, IPL, IUD, Vaginal Infection, Breast Health, Medical Spa


Address676 N St Clair St #1800, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 573 3700
Website: www.pc4w.com


“I have been seeing Dr. Chen for ~12 years at Progressive Care for Women. He delivered each of our 4 children perfectly. He has always been kind, friendly, thorough and thoughtful. The service is always excellent. It has been a huge blessing having him as my ob gyne and now just gynecologist, since there office no longer does ob. I highly recommend Dr. Chen and Progressive Care for Women.” -Kimberlyn McNutt

Northwestern OB.GYN Consultants

Dr. JeeYoon Park - Northwestern OB.GYN Consultants
Dr. JeeYoon Park – Northwestern OB.GYN Consultants

Dr. JeeYoon Park is a long time Chicago native and grew up in the Northbrook area. She received her Bachelor of Science at Andrews University graduating with Summa Cum Laude. She earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University in Southern California where she received the most outstanding student physician award in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Dr. Park returned to Chicago and completed her residency training at RUSH University Medical Center. During residency, she presented her research at the North American Forum on Family Planning, which was also awarded at RUSH’s annual Research Symposium.

Dr. Park truly believes in patient advocacy and developing relationships based on honesty, education, and whole-person care. She is fluent in both Spanish and Korean and enjoys traveling, staying active through sports & exercise, and spending time with friends and family.


Adolescent Gynecology, Breast Cancer Screening, Complete Obstetric Care, Endemetriosis, Family Planning, Fibroid Treatment, Gynecologic Care, Menopausal Care, Menorrhagia, Osteoporosis, PMS, Well Women Care


Address: 676 N St Clair St # 1880, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 642 9844
Website: www.nogconsultants.com


“I simply can’t say enough great things about this practice. Dr. Park was wonderful, professional, and caring as I saw her throughout my pregnancy. She delivered my baby boy with such ease. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Park!” -Casey Parker

The Women’s Group of Northwestern

Dr. Elena M. Kamel - The Women's Group of Northwestern
Dr. Elena M. Kamel – The Women’s Group of Northwestern

Dr. Elena M. Kamel is an Associate Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University and founder of one of the first all-women’s OB/GYN groups in Chicago. Dr. Kamel completed premedical education at Barnard College in 1980. She attended Cornell Medical College and earned her medical degree in 1984. Dr. Kamel completed her OB/GYN internship and residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital from 1984-1988. She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and practicing at Northwestern. She also has been certified by the Northern American Menopause Society as a Menopause Practitioner/Expert. Her areas of special interest are hysteroscopy, permanent contraception-Essure method, osteoporosis, dual photon bone densitometry, gynecologic surgery, menopausal health concerns and twin pregnancies. Dr. Kamel enjoys taking care of patients from adolescence to the mature woman and values creating a relationship with patients that embraces compassion, dialogue and education.

Dr. Kamel has received the Magnus P. Urnes Award for excellence in teaching and the Hart Award from the Illinois Division of Y-ME for distinguished service and dedication to Breast Cancer Awareness and Civil Service.


Obstetrics, Well Women Visits, Gynecology, Aesthetic Services, Long Term Birth Control, Menopause, For Teens, Ob/Gyn Ultrasound, Gynecology Surgery


Address: 737 N Michigan Ave Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 440 3810
Website: www.womenobgyn.net


“The OB/GYN doctors here are fantastic! They answer your questions completely and help make the best decisions for you and your baby. The front desk staff aren’t always the best, but depending on who you get they can be helpful and friendly. Sometimes there is a long wait, but if you show up ON TIME usually they get you right in. When it finally came time for me to deliver my baby Dr. Adams was absolutely amazing, she made the entire delivery perfect! I will never forget how helpful and kind she was. I HIGHLY recommend using this practice!” -Haley Caulkins

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