3 Top Guard Companies in Chicago, IL

3 Top Guard Companies in Chicago, Illinois

If you are considered a celebrity, an executive corporate leader, a political figure or someone who may have concerns for their safety, it is likely that you have considered bodyguard services at some point in your life. This is a completely sensible thing to consider if you are a prominent figure, as there are many people out there who may wish harm upon you.

Luckily for you, guard companies exist and thrive within the Unites States. Guard companies offer trained, qualified and experienced professionals who are able to protect an individual, building, escort people and keep vigilant at all times. They may also be experienced within conflict zones and areas of higher danger than the United States.

Many of these professionals will have some form of background in law enforcement or even military and will be able to effectively provide protective services for anyone.

Here are the top 3 guard companies in Chicago, Illinois.

3 Top Guard Companies in Chicago, IL

#1 USPA Nationwide SecurityA security guard from a company in Chicago Illinois.

USPA Nationwide Security offers their services all over the United States, including Chicago, Illinois. They utilize their decades of security experience and channel this through their professional security guards who are able to provide a clear assessment of their client’s security challenges and create focuses based on this.

They can even offer armed security guards for those in exceptionally dangerous areas which may require an armed response to danger.

Secure transport, close protection, escape route planning and traditional security services are all things offered by USPA Nationwide Security, making them the best.

#2 Tactical SecurityA security guard in Chicago protecting a store from a robbery.

Tactical Security is a full service security and investigations agency which is dedicated to its clients. They service the private, corporate and industrial sectors, regardless of the size.

Tactical Security is managed by law enforcement and security professionals with exceptional training in these fields, who are able to provide the best possible security services to their clients.

One of their main unique standpoints is the offering of off-duty police officers for venues requiring enhanced security.

#3 Law DogA guard company in Illinois with staff in Chicago.

Law Dog is a family operated business which is made up of active and retired law enforcement officers who have over 75 years of combined experience. With them, there are also investigators and others from different fields of security which make up the team.

With all of this experience in different aspects of security, you can ensure you will have the best possible security for your safety.

They offer both armed and unarmed security, so regardless of your situation, Law Dog will be able to provide you with what you need.