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5 Best GPS Tracking Apps In The US

It’s hard to get directions from someone let alone an app. There are a few solid options of GPS tracking apps that do just as they’re told. If you’re on the hunt to explore without the horror of circling around around again, we’ve devised a list of the top 5 best GPS tracking apps across the US and beyond to keep you on track.

5 Best GPS Tracking Apps In The US

#1 Eelink

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Eelink is number one for good reason. There are dozens of applications out there that all do the exact same thing but not like these guys. With its array of different services, who’s to say what they can’t do? They’re few out there who can do what they do.

Offering both commercial and residential services, they are your best shot. For a quick, simply, and efficient solution, these are your go-tos.

#2 TomTom Go Navigation

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Not sure where to go? Tom can help. Offering the perfect wake me up before you go-go, TomTom Go Navigation allows you to go on major trips without have it trip you out.

Next on the list after Eelink, this application provides a unique quality being that they let you use the map online which is good for when you go off the grid. TomTom is your guide!

#3 Waze

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For those feeling lost, Waze will show you the way! Having been listed as one of the most reputable GPS apps in the U.S. alone, it’s hard to compete. You can track if there are any oncoming vehicles, accidents, and even ward you off the police. Driving has never been this breezy.

#4 GaiaGPS navigation US

If you’re a hiker looking for adventure, Gaia is your girl! They offer trails that will give you a good scope for how long your destination will be, where to rest, and if there are any bumps along the way.

This can keep you on track no matter how far you are on the hiking journey. Cut time being lost in the forrest when you’ve  got Gaia showing you the way.

#5 Glympse


Get a glimpse of Glympse – the app that’ll show you where all your loved ones are. Ever worried about a potential accident hitting your family member or partner? Not to worry – here’s the tracking app that’ll give you a good sense of where everyone is without the need to ever think twice.

If you haven’t heard from your loved one after hours of expecting a call, check Glympse to get the latest updates on the whereabouts. You’ll never have to wander any longer.