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Google teases early look at new Pixel 4 smartphone

Earlier this week, Google tweeted a very early photo of the Pixel 4.

The photo confirms dual rear cameras. Google is well known for excellent camera quality on their pixel line of phones. The cameras appear to pop out from the back casing of the phone in a rounded square, probably to increase the camera’s focal length. Other phones with a secondary camera have opted for a telephoto lens that enhances the zoom capabilities, but an ultra-wide lens in the Pixel 4 could also be possible.

When you zoom in closely on the camera lenses in the photo, you can barely make out a small sensor. It is unclear what this extra sensor does. Enthusiasts are suggesting it may be a spectral sensor or flicker sensor to help the camera in environments with strobing lights. It is anticipated that this sensor will also assist in improving the color accuracy of photos.

It is also likely that the Pixel 4, like previous models, will have a dual flash system. From the photo leak, the back chassis does not have a finger sensor. This decision could indicate a move towards facial recognition systems present in the iPhone X.

Unfortunately, the photo angle does not allow us to view the charging port or bottom speakers. Software has always been where Google excels. We also have no idea what internal hardware specifications will be used at present. This year may be Google’s first attempt at a smartphone that is truly high-end.

Much more will be revealed as we get closer to the official release. The Pixel 4 is expected to drop in October.