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Top 5 Best Ghost Tours in America

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with ghosts and the supernatural. Naturally, ghost tours have always been something that has appealed to my niche senses. Ghost tours involve having a tour guide who is knowledgeable in the area to guide you around and explain the history behind the places. Some places like to play up the theatrics of the history, intended to give you a thrill, however others simply rely on the legitimacy of the history and allow you to experience the supernatural yourself. Because of the high demand for ghost tours, many have popped up around America given its long history of places ripe for the supernatural.

If you are visiting America soon, and want to take some ghost tours, here are the top 5 best ghost tours in America.

#1 New Orleans Ghost Adventure TourA skeleton ghost holding an orb on a New Orleans ghost tour America.

New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tour is definitely the best ghost tour you can go to in America. New Orleans is steeped in history to do with the supernatural due to the high prevalence of Voodoo and Hoodoo history and culture in the area. Offering a significant amount of different tours, from cemeteries, to pubs, to gardens and voodoo based tours. If you want a good selection of tours that are sure to spook you, New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tour is the place to be.

#2 Haunted Sandie Ghost ToursA man on a ghost tour America in the dark with a flashlight.

Haunted Sandie Ghost Tours offers ghost tours in San Diego in which you can enter 3 out of the 5 locations you visit. Going through Old Town, Sherman Heights/Golden Hill, the Gaslamp District and much more, you are sure to have a great time and get spooked on these tours.

#3 Savannah Ghost TourA ghost figure with its hands up in white smoke on a tour in America.

The Savannah Ghost Tour runs for an hour and includes a half mile leisurely stroll. This tour is best for those who want to relax and take a walk while taking pictures in a haunted environment. They have won an award for America’s most haunted city, and hold that award proudly to their name. Definitely a good choice.

#4 Dark Side of Denver Ghost ToursAn abandoned ghost warehouse from a tour in America.

Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours offers a 2 hour ghost tour starting at 8 pm, combining storytelling with history in order to create a uniquely ghostly experience. Denver holds some history with the paranormal, and the tours take place year round. You will always be able to experience something ghostly here.

#5 Bewitched After DarkA ghost standing next to a building and a car on a ghost tour in America.

Bewitched After Dark is located in the infamous Salem, Massachusetts which has a rich history to do with the witch hunts and other paranormal related situations. Because of this, there are many tours but Bewitched After Dark is one of the best ones to go to.

These are the 5 best ghost tours in America. Any one of these is sure to spook you at any time of the year.